How to Get More Facebook Reach (without paying for it!)
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How to Get More Facebook Reach (without paying for it)

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Let’s talk Algorithms. Fun, huh? The truth is that once you understood just a bit about the Facebook algorithm, you really can know how to get more Facebook reach – without paying for it! 

After all, don’t we all WANT to be posting things that our audience will actually SEE on Facebook?

This can be a constant stressor as a business owner, and a topic that we definitely need to walk through.

How to Get More Facebook Reach without paying for it!

What IS the Facebook Algorithm?

The algorithm is the way that Facebook limits what people see in their NewsFeed. According to Facebook, at any given time, there are 1500+ stories available to show users. Facebook pares it down to about 300 stories that make it into your NewsFeed.

It’s easy to make the algorithm out to be this boogeyman whose only job is to PREVENT your posts from being seen.

But, think about it this way.

As a Facebook user, do you really WANT to see every single post out there, in real time? Or would you rather just see posts from people and businesses that you really care about?

The truth is, we ALL follow people on social media that we likely do not want to see every post they put up. Yes, it’s great to be connected to that friend from elementary school, but do you really want to see every one of their vacation pictures?

Probably not.

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See? The algorithm is protecting your precious time and making it so you don’t even have to sort through things you don’t care about.

When you think about it like a Facebook user, the algorithm is not such a boogeyman after all.

How to Get More Facebook Reach without paying for it!

How Does the Facebook Algorithm Work?

When you post, Facebook serves the post out to a small number of people. It is put into the Newsfeed of people who are MOST likely to be interested in it, and who will likely interact with it by liking it, commenting, clicking on it, or sharing.

If those people DO interact with the post, Facebook says, “Oh, this is good! People are interested in this!” and they serve it to more people. And so on.

The more people that interact and engage with the post, the more Facebook believes that even more people would be interested, and they keep serving it.

The number of people who are served your post is called your “reach.”

Conversely, if the post goes out to the initial small group of people and they do NOT interact with it, your reach is done.

Facebook says, “People are not going to be interested in this post.” They do not keep serving it to more people, and your post is not widely seen.

What this means: You need people, especially at the beginning, to grab onto your content and be excited about it!

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How to Get More Facebook Reach without paying for it!

What Can I Do to Increase My Reach?

Let’s talk about what criteria Facebook uses to select what goes into the NewsFeed.

They take into account only: Likes, Comments, Clicks, and Shares.

Also, these 4 actions are weighted, with Shares having the most “pull.” In other words, if lots of people are sharing your post, it will cause the post to reach the most people.

We need to be creating “action-worthy” posts on Facebook. 

We need to be writing posts that encourage people to respond. Now, keep in mind that it is NOT a good idea to ask for them to respond outright. Using these words – Like, Comment, and Share – may have the OPPOSITE effect on your post.

Facebook wants genuine interaction, not marketers asking their audience to Like the post.

1. Encourage LIKES

Post top-notch photos, quotes, memes and videos.

Ask great questions of your people. The questions that do best spark nostalgia or a good feeling in people.

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2. Encourage COMMENTS

Make it easy for people to respond. Post questions that require 1 word answers, or better yet, make them multiple choice! People are much more likely to comment when it’s a very quick process.

Create posts that value your audience’s opinion. For example, post 2 different options of something you are considering and ask them what they think. People LOVE to give their opinion and feel like they are impacting your brand.

How to Get More Facebook Reach without paying for it!

3. Encourage SHARES

Create “pin-worthy” images. If you spend must time on Pinterest, you will notice that graphics that catch your eye are beautiful and compelling, with text that clearly states what they are about. You know just by looking at it what you will be reading about.

Create suspense about new developments or products. And then have a quality “reveal” image and post. When people are excited about new products or services, they want to share and tell their friends.

Post something that your audience can identify with. When they read a post, they are more likely to share if it’s for a, “Yes, this is me too!” kind of reason.

4. Encourage CLICKS

Use an image that will grab their attention!

Create curiosity in your text. Give a teaser about what they will find in the article that is linked without giving everything away.

Other thoughts…

Experiment with all 4 “types” of posts: video, text, photo, and link. People respond to each of those types of posts differently.

That being said, there’s no doubt that video is KING on Facebook right now! You can easily put together little videos, even if they are just slideshows of photos, they grab your audience’s attention quickly. 

And of course, try Facebook LIVE!

A Facebook Live video is likely to get up to 6 times MORE reach than another type of post.

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Though it may seem intimidating at first, this is a great way to personally connect with your audience and let them see a face of your business that they would not normally see.

Follow these tips in your posts and watch as your posts reach more and more people! This ultimately turns them into loyal fans, which means more sales for your business.

Would you like a guide that walks you through every aspect of your Facebook page, setting it up for success? Check out my ebook – Crash Course – Setting up a Facebook Page for your Business. In this book, you will learn what to post when for your business, so that you maximize your brand online. You will even learn how to run your first paid ads! Check it out and get your Facebook page going. 

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