How to Get 1 Month Ahead on Social Media Posts for Your Business

Don’t we all love to be planned ahead? As much as my free-spirited, procrastinator self hates to admit it – it sure feels good when things are planned ahead of time! Here’s how to get 1 month ahead on social media posts for your business.

Now, before we get into this….I feel like I need to issue a warning.


There is nothing ground-breaking in this post!

Truthfully, some of the best advice for getting ahead in life is going back to the basics.

Financial guru Dave Ramsey always says that he gives the same financial advice that your Grandmother would give. Just basic, no nonsense advice.

That’s this. Except the social-media-planning version.

How to Get 1 Month Ahead on Social Media Posts for Your Business

Why would you want your social media posts planned 1 month ahead?

Do we need to ask this question?

Why? Because…. it feels incredible to be ahead of the game!

Recently, my family took a little vacation. Not only was I not sure about my internet capabilities, but I also didn’t WANT to be working while we were gone.

I busted it ahead of time and got literally everything scheduled for my business. And while I was at it, I scheduled even further out than that. Just a little “return home gift” to myself.

And because of that planning ahead, I was able to actually enjoy my vacation. I could sit a little longer by the campfire each night, without guilt.

My business was still happening, but I was not having to be all IN it every day.

Now – admittedly, I am not always as planned and scheduled out as I would like. Like everyone, life gets in the way.

But when it IS scheduled out, it just removes the constant, low-grade stress that is ever-present otherwise.

Let’s get those pages scheduled out and experience some freedom.

A simple way to get yourself planned ahead is to make your posts EASY! The 100 Questions Social Media Image Templates provides you will 100 conversation-starting questions, PLUS the graphics to go with. (So the work is all done for you.) Head here to check it out.


100 Questions Social Media Image Templates

Strategy #1: Schedule 1 extra post per day.

Every day, sit down to write a social media post. And instead of writing your one post for the day – write 2. Get that second post all the way done and scheduled to go live.

Then the next day, you repeat!

If you make a habit of this, you will always be ahead of the game. And obviously, within 30 days you will have the whole next month planned and scheduled.

This now gives you FLEXIBILITY and FREEDOM!

Would you like to take the next month off from posting? Would you like to stay 1 month ahead? Would you like to change your strategy and start posting 2x per day?

The beauty is, you get to decide.

When you are not always hustling and behind, you get the freedom to make choices – rather than always feeling like your hand is forced.

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How to Get 1 Month Ahead on Social Media Posts for Your Business

Strategy #2: Schedule 30 posts in 1 day.

Now, this strategy is not for the faint of heart. It will likely take a whole day to pull off!

But if you have the mental stamina to stay IN IT all day, and you have a full day distraction-free – then go for it!

This is batching at it’s very best. You get the work DONE in a huge, long focused sitting. And then you get to coast for a month.

A couple of tips to getting this strategy to work:

  • Be prepared ahead of time.

You will want to at least think through the things you will need for this day. For example, if you know you are going to need a batch of photos of your new product – perhaps take those ahead of time.

This way, you can end your day of writing social media posts with the posts actually scheduled. You don’t want to end half-way done, with a big to-do list!

  • Plan on a full day for this session.

You want to allow time to really sink in and create quality posts. You don’t want to slap together things and call it done. You want quality posts with actual thought involved.

In my experience, that requires undistracted TIME.

It’s best to plan for a full day of only this task, without distraction. So – get some child care. Reschedule that doctor’s appointment. Get your groceries another day. Make a plan for focus.

Now, perhaps you are blowing through the posts, and you get them scheduled early! Go get a coffee and relax! You’ve earned it.

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How to Get 1 Month Ahead on Social Media Posts for Your Business

Strategy #3: Schedule 1 post per day, but cut the amount of posts you put up each week.

One of my favorite books is “Finish,” by Jon Acuff. In this book he goes through some really practical steps to get people to actually finish the things they start.

One of the strategies is simply to cut the goal in half.

  • If you were going to run a marathon, change the goal to a half-marathon.
  • If you were going to read 100 books, change the goal to 50 books.

Sure, that can sound defeating at first. But in reality – most people see the big goal, realize they aren’t going to hit it – and QUIT completely. It’s MUCH more satisfying to purposefully cut the goal in half – and actually FINISH.

Let’s apply this same thinking to your social media posting.

Say you are determined to post every single day on your page, but you are always behind and rarely hitting the goal.

Let’s change that goal. How about a new goal of posting on social media 3 times per week.

Now, here’s the kicker… still plan to sit down each day and write and schedule 1 social media post. THIS is how you will get your page 1 month ahead!

After 12 days, you will have 1 month scheduled. After 24 days you will be scheduled AHEAD 1 full month with this strategy.

At that point, go ahead and decide if you’d like to up your goal, or stay where you are at!

How to Get 1 Month Ahead on Social Media Posts for Your Business

Remember – CONSISTENCY is more important that anything on social media. 

Ask yourself, what schedule can I sustain? (And still enjoy life!) Because it doesn’t serve anyone if you burn yourself out and give up. 

Pick one of these 3 strategies to get your page scheduled 1 month ahead.

And then ENJOY the feeling of being prepared!

Instead of stressing, kick back and have an extra cup of coffee.

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