How to Create Pinterest Pins FAST (NO Design Skills Needed!)

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If you’re sick of spending an HOUR just to create one sad-looking Pinterest pin, you’re in the right place. I figured out how to create Pinterest pins FAST: Use these FREE Canva templates from pro-pinner and full-time blogger Carly Campbell.

I started using her Pinterest templates in November 2019 and saw my Pinterest traffic SKYROCKET. I no longer waste hours a week on designing pins because now all I have to do is click the Canva link she emails on the first of each month, insert my desired text and photos, and voila! Pins are done. If you want, you can even use the stock photos that come with her Pinterest templates—it’s totally allowed! I just like to switch photos since I have a Depositphotos stock photo subscription anyway.

Just look at these BEAUTIFUL Pinterest pins created with Carly’s Canva templates!

Here’s how to create Pinterest pins fast with Carly’s Pinterest templates:

How I Create Pinterest Pins FAST Every Month

Step 1: Sign up for FREE Pinterest Templates from Carly

You must have a Canva account (it’s FREE). Then, just sign up for Carly’s free templates; she’ll send you 7!

Click “Get my free pin template starter kit now”
Don’t worry, it’s totally FREE! Just enter your first name and email address
Now go check your email inbox!

Step 2: Click the link in the email.

Once you get the email, click the link, and it’ll automatically open the templates in Canva.

Click “Use template”
A PDF will open with lots of cool Pinterest marketing tips from Carly. To find the templates, scroll down and click one of these two links.

Step 3: Change text, colors, and photos (if you want)

Within Canva, you can write your own text, change colors, move stuff around, and upload your own photos. Or, you can use the stock photos that come with Carly’s templates.

You can create multiple copies of this and create batches of new pins for every blog post you have! This saves SO much time for me.

Yay, free templates! Now, tweak them to your liking.

Step 4: Download the PNG from Canva

Once you’re done, download the PNG or JPEG from Canva.

Step 5: Upload it to Pinterest

Now, open up your Pinterest account and create a new pin. Upload the pins you just created. Be sure to add keyword-rich titles and descriptions!

Step 6 (Optional): Join Carly’s Pinterest templates membership to get NEW templates every month!

See how FAST it is to design Pinterest pins when you use Carly’s templates? I’m absolutely hooked. I’ve had numerous pins go viral that I created from her templates.

If you want to continue to save time on Pinterest pin design, sign up for Carly’s monthly pins subscription. On the first of every month, she sends you 5 new templates to work with in Canva.

YOU CAN CANCEL ANYTIME. So, if you want to just subscribe for one month, you can keep those five pin templates forever and just keep reusing them by changing up the photos and colors.

Look at the results Carly’s Pinterest templates + Pinterest strategy have gotten me:

Now That You Know How to Create Pinterest Pins Fast, What Are Ya Waiting For??

Learning how to create Pinterest pins fast by using Carly’s pin templates has been a game-changer for me. That, and taking her very affordable, highly effective Pinterest marketing for bloggers course (check out my review of Pinteresting Strategies).

Hope this helps you!

Remember, you can get SEVEN of Carly’s Pinterest templates for FREE right here. No obligation!

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