How to Create Pinterest Images in Canva

Creating images that do well on Pinterest is one of the best ways to get new people to find your blog posts and check them out. Since Pinterest is such a visual platform you really want to make sure you create Pinterest images to use on your blog that will get you noticed. 

I have found that using Canva is a great way to make all kinds of blog and social media images. It is a  mostly free service that you can do so much with. There are different things you can upgrade with but you will be able to create a lot and do so much with just the free tools they offer.

Since tall longer, images tend to do better on Pinterest. Meaning they get clicked on and repinned more it is important that your blog posts have the main image that is tall. You can include other images of other sizes in your post.

If you are looking to get your blog posts to gain popularity on Pinterest you will need to include one good tall image that you can pin to Pinterest.

Different options for how to create Pinterest images

There are a few options when creating a tall image. First, if you look at the pink arrow it is pointed at canva’s presized image for Pinterest. They give you an image that is 735 x 1102 pixels. Which is a decent size. You could also select blog Graphic which the green arrow is pointing at. That image is 800 x 1200 pixels which is a bit better.

I tend to either go with the blog graphic size or since I like my images a bit larger I go up to where the yellow arrow is pointing.

That allows you to choose custom dimensions. By inputting your own values. I make a lot of my Pinterest images this way by making them 1000 x 1500 pixels. That is just a size I prefer. It’s really a matter of what you think looks good on your blog and will show up well on Pinterest.

If you use a Canva sized image you get the benefit of seeing layout ideas. This isn’t an option when you use your own dimensions. Which is why I do it both ways.

So if you select layouts from the menu on the left it will show you a ton of layout options for the size image you are using. Some of the layouts use paid elements and some of them are free. You can see the image I selected there is a little white rectangle with the word free in it.

You then have the option of editing the image to make it fit more with your blog post and branding. I did this by changing the colors to blue and orange instead of brown and orange. Also, I changed the text.

This is such a great way to help you create really awesome Pinterest images if like me you aren’t much of an expert designer. I’m better than I use to be but it’s still an area I struggle with.

I also like to scroll through the other layouts that aren’t free because they are a great source of inspiration and ideas that I can use when creating my images.

This is particularly helpful when I’m using my own dimensions. Since there aren’t premade layouts for custom sizes I will go through blog image layouts and get some ideas.

You can create your image to look the way you want by going into the elements tab in the menu bar. As well as changing the background, uploading photos and adding text. 

Using different options in Elements

In the elements tab,  you will find lots of options. I thought I would share a couple of the ones I use the most often.

There are so many shapes that they offer for free. I have used a ton of them but still not even close to how many they offer. I use shapes to put on top of images so that I can add text. In my main template for Pinterest images, I do this all the time. 

This is an example of one of my Pinterest images from a recent post. I use the shape on top of a stock photo, make it slightly transparent and then add my text on top. 

Here is how I Create Pinterest images for my blog posts

I select this shape, the one with a green arrow pointing to it. I just like the look of it and have been using it for awhile. Once you select it. It will drop it into your design. your design. 

Then I resize it to fit the width of my image and put it at the top of the design. Then I change the color and transparency. When you click on the shape the bar to change the color will appear. I use one of my brand’s colors when I am making my images. For this example, I just made it pink. 

Since I usually apply this shape on top of an image I make it slightly transparent. To adjust transparency select the little triangle next to the color and click it. I put my transparency between a 70 and 80. 

Then go to text on the left side and select Add Heading. You can then add your text and change the font and size of it. A tip with fonts is that you want to choose two or three fonts and stick with them throughout your blog. On all your images and not get too font crazy.

I hope this post will get you started and understand how to create Pinterest images with Canva. There are so many options that you can use to make awesome images and this is just the beginning of what you can create.

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