How To Create A Review Website That Makes Money in 2024

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When was the last time you purchased something without analyzing reviews? A review tells us everything there is to know about the product. So, we can buy the products without any worries.

Millions of people seek review websites for this reason. They need recommendations. That’s why review websites have one of the most traffics. Even you can make a review website. The reviews can be of everything. From gadgets to home accessories, you name it. The possibilities are endless. 

How To Create A Review Website

Why Should You Create a Review Website?

This is a market that is not going to die anytime soon. It has huge potential. You just need to be consistent. So, without further ado, let’s check out the reasons why you should create a review website. 

1. Easy To Build

Creating a review website is straightforward. You don’t need fancy programming skills or knowledge. All you need to do is pick a niche. Then work on it. Put out quality reviews. Soon you will gain tons of visitors. 

2. More Viewers

There are tons of opportunities to get a lot of viewers through reviews. As you make quality content, people will prefer your content over others. Also, reviews are easy to read. Readers can skim through the main points quickly. This doesn’t happen with other niches. 

You can also utilize keywords to increase traffic. In reviews, you can incorporate trendy keywords in multiple ways. It will make your reviews rank higher in the search engines. 

3. Wide Range of Contents

There are millions of new products on the market right now as I write this article. Each minute companies release various products. So, you can be sure that you are never going to run out of ideas. You will always have something to talk about in your reviews. 

Also, this versatility creates excitement. You are never going to get bored. You will write reviews on new and interesting products every day. 

4. Earn Money

You can try various ways to earn a lot of money through your review website. You can earn through affiliate marketing. 

For those of you who don’t know affiliate marketing is promoting a product. You write reviews and promote a product from a company. When someone purchases the product through your link, you earn a significant commission. 

Many companies are looking for affiliate marketers to increase their sales. So, you can be sure that you can earn a lot of money. You can earn through Google Adsense as well. We will discuss more regarding this later.

How To Create A Review Website

Now that we’ve understood the importance of a review website, we need a solid strategy to get started. So, let’s look at the steps to create an amazing review website. 

1. Choose Your Niche

This step is the make or breakpoint. There are millions of niches you can choose from. Yes, you can make review websites on any of them. But not all of them will get you traffic to your website. Some niches have no appeal nowadays while others are just at the bottom of the barrel. That’s why there’s no point in choosing a low-paying niche.

To find a high-paying niche, you need to look around yourself. Ask yourself what people are into these days. You will find the answer. You can search on google and see the top search results. That will give you a pretty good idea. 

Weight loss, fitness is one of the highest paying niches right now. As the pandemic has hit us hard, people can’t go to their gym. Their health is deteriorating. Therefore, you can write content on these topics to garner a lot of attention. 

Who doesn’t want to earn money? Cryptocurrencies, finance, sales. These topics are booming currently. People want to learn ways to earn quick money. So, this niche is another one that has tons of potential. 

2. Get Hosting and domain 

After choosing your niche, things get interesting. Now is the time to pick a platform and make a name. A name your audience will search for. 

There are many blogging platforms you can choose from. But we highly recommend you install WordPress. It doesn’t require you to have any fancy skills. It’s easy to use. It offers tons of themes and plugins. You can customize your website at any moment. Make sure you install, not 

You can’t just dive and create a WordPress website right away. You need a hosting company. Most importantly you need a domain name. 

We recommend Bluehost. You can get a domain name for a year with one purchase. They provide unlimited storage and bandwidth. The best part is the cutting-edge security. All your data will be in safe hands. 

3. Install Theme and Create Brand

To make your review site stand out, you need a great theme. Review sites often lose their appeal because they are monotonous. Every website uses the same layout and design. Therefore, no one can distinguish between them. 

That’s why to create a brand for your website, you have to use a unique theme. A theme that goes perfectly with your niche. There are quite a few themes and design editing platforms available. 

We recommend Divi. You may ask why Divi? First of all, Divi is the most popular theme right now for WordPress. Millions of people use it to make their websites. It takes your standard WordPress website to the next level. 

Divi offers a wide range of effects and design tools. You can play with them until you get the right theme. You can add your custom shapes. You can use dividers as well. Divi also offers a handy bulk editing tool. It has a wide range of layouts to choose from. From corporate to casual, you can get any design and layout in Divi. 

4. Install a Review Plugins

When you search for a review online, you often see star ratings next to the reviews along with other features. These features increase the functionality of your website. Therefore after getting your website ready, you have to install review plugins. It’s best to use a plugin that focuses on SEO. 

There are millions of reviews written every day. You need to make your content SEO-friendly to be discoverable by your audience. So, the first task is to install a plugin. We will recommend you install the WP product review lite plugin. It’s much more accessible than the others. It’s completely free to use and provides all the features you need. 

But it will provide the bare minimum. If you want to add advanced features then it’s wise to get the plugin’s premium version. It allows you to use tools like affiliate integration and creating comparison tables. You can add rich snippets to the website as well.

Many think installing the plugin is quite complex. It’s not true. Let us explain. So after installing you have to activate the plugin. After activation, you will have to go to the settings page. On the settings page, there will be different sections. You will need to customize each one with your preference. 

You can add options for users to comment. You also can fix the number of pros and cons which will display on the page. You can add different colors for different kinds of reviews as well. For instance, bad reviews can have red colors and good reviews can have green colors. 

5. Start Reviewing Products

After doing all the hard work, now is the time to put out the product reviews. Search for any products that suit your niche. Research thoroughly about all the aspects of the product. Don’t just add the good features of the product. Talk about the cons as well. 

The audience wants honest reviews. If you show bias towards a particular product, they will think it’s a paid review. Therefore, be truthful to your audience. Use coherent sentences without beating around the bush. Make sure that the audience gets benefits after reading your review. So, they will keep coming back to it. 

You can add your review to the website using the plugin. Just click on “create a new post” in WordPress and write your reviews. The plugin will convert the post into a review automatically. You won’t have to do any hard work. 

6. Promote Your Blog

Your reviews won’t miraculously get tons of traffic out of nowhere. You have to promote it as much as possible. Even if you write an outstanding review, it will go unnoticed when you don’t promote it. That’s why you have to promote extensively. 

Start with social media platforms. Share the link with our friends and acquaintances. Let them know about your blog. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be a huge source of audience. You can also make a youtube video about your blog. Talk about how it’s going to help people. Add the link in the description box. 

Finally, you can add internal links to your other reviews. Internal links connect one review to another. Suppose you have ten reviews on your website. Add the link of one in the other ones. While reading one review, people will stumble on the other. It’s a great way to get tons of traffic. 

7.  Monetize Your Blog

There are a couple of ways you can generate passive income from your review website. You have to make up your mind on how you are going to monetize your blog. So let’s look at some of the ways you can monetize your blog.

Affiliate marketing

I already talked about how you can make money through affiliate marketing. Let me elaborate a bit further. So in affiliate marketing, you have to recommend the products. If someone buys or clicks on the link, then you earn commissions. 

So, how can you get started? Well, you have to join an affiliate program. There are lots of affiliate programs out there. Try joining one related to your niche. Amazon and ShareAsale have fascinating affiliate programs. Try joining them to earn handsome commissions. 


You are browsing your internet. You are reading a fascinating book and having a great time. Suddenly an advertisement pops up. You try to close it but it tells you that you can close it after some moment. How annoying is this? Sadly we all have faced certain occurrences like this. There seems no end to ads.

Different websites use ads to earn money. You can do it too. The best way is to display ads using Google Adsense. You can connect with advertising networks like as well. They let you maximize the revenues you get from advertising. 

But make sure you don’t do it too much. Adding way too many ads on your review sites will annoy your audience. They may never come back because of the endless ads. So, add a limited number of advertisements to your blog.

Paid Reviews

This one is quite interesting. Some people discourage this because they think people don’t put out honest reviews. But some eCommerce businesses will pay you for your honest review. But it’s not that easy. 

You have to test it thoroughly. You can’t leave any stones unturned. Research every aspect of the product. It will take quite some time. But it is worth it. eCommerce businesses reward handsomely for a quality review. 

Final Thoughts

A review website opens up doors to many possibilities. As there are endless products in the market, you will never run out of topics. This means you can keep putting out quality reviews constantly. At first, it will be tough. You won’t have many audiences. But soon you will start getting some recognition. 

When you promote and start affiliate marketing, your audience number will skyrocket. Make the best use of this. With enough effort, your website can be one of the best review sites out there. 

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