How to Blog Anonymously: 9 Tips To Keep Your Identity Hidden while Blogging

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You’re not alone, there are a heck of a lot of people who want to start blogging without revealing their identity, just like you. It might be because you are a conservative person or there might be a taboo topic that you are afraid to open up about. 

No matter what your reason is, I am here to guide you on how to blog anonymously so keep an eye on and let’s get started immediately!

9 Popular Ways to Blog Anonymously 

Blog Anonymously

Here I have sorted out 9 of the easy and most available ways using which you can start writing immediately. If you are as excited as me, then let’s not waste any more time tattling and dive into the list.

1. Fake name

Blogging anonymously is a way to hide your true identity. Therefore, to cover up your true identity, at first, you will need a fake one. 

To start with, choose a fake name under whose name you would like to write your blogs. Use that name to open up a fake Email. Then you can use that Email ID for registering to your blogs. 

You should and I repeat you should only use that ID for blogging anonymously only. Before getting yourself in this do keep in mind that you might want to choose sites like Gmail or Yahoo that let you sign up for free. 

If you end up signing up through a cash system there will be documents about your bank account or your method of paying which can trace people back to you. That blows up the entire concept of blogging anonymously. 

Although you can pay for signing up the id if it’s needed with cryptocurrency. Moreover, there are sites that offer you encrypted accounts which you might want to research more about before getting started. 

2. Use a VPN

By now most of you might be familiar with VPN which is also known as Virtual Private Network. VPN protects your personal information from getting into the hands of others. 

How do you ask? Well, they literally encrypt your presence online. The deal is that when you use your broadband connection for writing blogs or doing anything, a record is kept about those. These records are easily findable by the government. 

Therefore, in order to encrypt the traffic going in and out of your computer or phone, you need to sign up for a VPN. The VPN will now not show your actual location so no one will be able to find out where you are blogging from, not even professional hackers. Your IP address stays protected. 

3. Anonymous Blogging Platforms

What most people are unaware of are these sign-in-free anonymous blogging platforms. There are quite a few out there like WordPress, Notepin. Co, and Write. as. 

They don’t require you to make an account or profile or log in using your Facebook account. As a plus point, you don’t get any cookies, ads, user accounts, friends, comments, reacts or any sort of tracking. 

However, for some of this, you might have to log in through a mail id. There’s nothing to be afraid of as you can easily make a fake one and use it. 

4. Use an Anonymous Browser

Anonymous browsers like Tor have been developed by the US Navy in order to help people write anonymously.

Seeing that freedom of speech is not given to an individual everywhere, they came up with Tor. Tor doesn’t allow any governmental authority to get your trafficking information by encrypting everything. 

The host website itself will not be able to access your IP address. Moreover, it blocks annoying ads and cookies for you so that keeps you extra protected! 

5. The Dark Net

You must have heard about the Dark Net and all its hidden information. But has the idea of using it ever crossed your mind? It should now!

The main advantage of using the Dark Net is that your writing will not be found by any normal civilians by searching in the search engine. It’s completely off the normal network that we are used to using. 

Although in the Dark Net you can barely expect to have a few reaches. However, when your content is highly sensitive and can cause a threat to your life then it’s better to opt for a more secure option like this. 

6. Try Staying Offline

When you keep using a blog website like WordPress for too long you tend to leave a much larger footprint. 

This might push you towards being exposed which I believe you don’t want at all. In order to do that, limit the time you spent on these host websites to the bare minimum. There are offline applications that you can use to write and edit while staying offline. 

After being done with the edit you can simply copy and paste the text to your blog writing section and be done with it.

Don’t forget to remove the original text from your device at any cause because that increases the probability of killing the effort of all these layers of security. 

7. Be More Protective

One of the significant tricks to write anonymous blogs is to avoid any form of personal data. If you are a normal human being like me then it’s common to slip your tongue and mention something that you shouldn’t like a hint about your location. 

Although with the steps mentioned below you can be fully sure to be not traceable by digital means, you can be tracked down by small details in your writing. 

For example, you mention something too particular like your high school teacher’s name or the park beside your home. Don’t do that! This will narrow up your location to whoever will try to catch up with you. 

Before publishing any blog read it more than once and analyze it yourself as your security indeed depends upon you. 

Talking about security, you should not go meet with someone you just got an email from through your blog posts. You can never be sure if they are on your side or not. Be clever and ignore any physical interactions through your blogs. 

8. Use a Pseudonym

While choosing your fictitious name, you should be aware to not repeat any names or use any names that you have any type of association with. 

You want to use a name that is totally new. If you are not sure about how to come up with one by yourself then I suggest you try some sites or name generators that can help you storm up with new names. 

9. Don’t Look for Growth

If you allow people to comment or react to your blogs, the whole point of keeping them anonymous might be disrupted. These options for communication are something that helps Google’s search engines to improve the growth of your blog

But as you don’t want that it’s better to keep these options closed as you don’t want to be monitored by Google when you are writing anonymously, do you? Keep a low profile of your blogs and you should be on your way in being the hidden superhero. 

Some Popular Anonymous Blogs

Many writers, journalists, authors, and people from such backgrounds have taken the security of anonymously blogging to express their thoughts which might be sensitive or controversial for decades. 

Let me present some of the popular or you might say present bloggers to you so that you can be inspired too.

J. Money 

If you have been digging into anonymous blogs then you must be aware of J.Money. He is one of the greatest examples of anonymous bloggers gaining the peak of success. He is the founder of Budgets are Sexy and Rockstar Finance. 

He has achieved many awards and praises for writing about finance in his blogs. His way of opening up writing helped people gain experience about their own financial lives. 

Not only awards but his writing have also been published in many publications which makes him the inspiration of many other bloggers.

The Frugal Girl

Another one of our anonymous blogs is the Frugal Girl who has been blogging anonymously for quite a while. The reason she blogs anonymously is not to reveal her true identity as it doesn’t affect her writing. 

Moreover, she mentioned in one of the anonymous blogs that she doesn’t want to gain fame or get into any type of security problems. She surely does her concealing well. 

Waiter Rant

He is another one of those successful anonymous bloggers. Why are we considering him as successful? Well, he has been able to get his own book published which is a dream come true for any blogger. He has been active in blog writing from the year 2004 to the present date.

Final Verdict

Blogging anonymously can be easy and interesting if you always keep things tracked down from your side. No matter what you want to write about you have the opportunity without being vulnerable to anyone. 

With the steps mentioned, blogging anonymously should be a piece of cake by now. So, march ahead, future anonymous bloggers. Good Luck!

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