How to Add Another WordPress Site to BigScoots

I host some of my sites on BigScoots, and as an online entrepreneur, I’m always launching new niche sites! If you’re trying to add another WordPress site to BigScoots, below is a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to do it.

How to Add a New Domain to BigScoots

Step 1: Log into your BigScoots dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to Services > Shared SSD Hosting (or whatever type of hosting you have).

Step 3: Click “Access Control Panel.”

Step 4: Click “Click here to access Control Panel” button.

Step 5: Click “Addon Domains.”

Step 6: Enter domain name.

Step 7: You should get this success screen:

NEXT STEP: How to Point Your Domain to BigScoots

My domains are registered with Google Domains, so I have to tell those domains to “point” to BigScoots, which sounds super technical, but here’s all ya have to do:

Step 1: Copy these two BigScoots nameservers. You’ll need this info for the next step.

Step 2: Go to “My Domains” and select the domain whose nameservers you’d like to change.

Step 3: Click “DNS” on the lefthand-side menu.

Step 4: Select “Use custom name servers.”

Step 5: Copy and paste the two BigScoots nameservers.

Remember those two BigScoots nameservers in the first step? Copy and paste BOTH of those into Google Domains.

Like this:

Step 6: Click “Save” AND click “Switch to these settings.” Then you’re done!

LAST STEP: How to Install WordPress on a New BigScoots Domain

Step 1: Install WordPress by clicking the “WordPress” icon in cPanel.

Step 2: Click “Install Now.”

Step 3: IF you get an SSL certificate error, here’s what you do!

On one of my new domains, when I added it to BigScoots, I got this error: “a trusted SSL Certificate was not found.” That’s weird because when you add a new domain to BigScoots, it should automatically come with an SSL certificate.

But if you get this error, here’s what to do:

Go back to cPanel and click on the icon that says “SSL/TLS Status.”

In the SSL/TLS Status dashboard, you will see a list of all your domains. They should all have a green lock icon to the left of them. Even if all the locks are green, go ahead and click the blue button that says “Run AutoSSL.”

When it is done running AutoSSL, go back to the cPanel and click “WordPress” and try to install it again.

This time, you should not see the SSL certificate error:

Scroll down and click “Install.”

Next, wait a few minutes while the WordPress installation completes:

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