How Often Should You Add a New Blog Post?

How often should you blog? A very common question among bloggers. If you’ve are a blogger you’ve probably wondered this about your own blog a lot. Should you be blogging daily, three times a week, once a week? So what is the answer?

There is lots of advice out there about how often you should blog. Through blogging now for 3+ years and doing a lot of research about this topic for myself by watching what other blogger do. This is what I’ve come up with. It depends on you. It really does, there is no one size fits all answer when it comes to how often you should blog. So I’m going to dissect the options and go over what works and what doesn’t.

There are a lot of successful bloggers out there that say you should be blogging every day or at least 5 times a week. That equals 20 to 28 posts a month. That is a lot of posts. I have blogged that much and there are some benefits to it.

What works:

  • -you will build up a lot of content quickly. If you are a newer blogger you might not have a lot of content in your blog archives but if you start blogging daily it won’t be long until you do.
  • -It can be beneficial to your SEO to have a lot of content. You will be more likely to be found on search engines and through social media if you are posting more frequently.
  • This works better if you accept guest posts. That way you aren’t responsible for producing 7 posts in a week. This is common on blogs such as ProBlogger, where they post daily really great quality posts with the help of guest posters.
  • Your posts will be shorter. Since you are writing more posts. It’s more likely that you will break up topics into multiple posts so that you have more content to post. You probably aren’t writing thousand word posts daily.
  • One thing that is a downside to everyday posting, is there is a higher chance of burning out. Blogging daily is a lot of work and it takes a lot of time. Even if you love blogging and you love what you are blogging about you might get sick of it pretty quickly.

Would blogging 2-4 times a week be better?

What works:

  • You can write more lengthy posts because you aren’t posting as often.  This will lead to more in-depth and thought out posts. You might not be posting daily but the quality of work might be a bit better because you have more time to produce the posts because you don’t have to get a post out daily.
  • Your readers get use to a pretty steady stream of new content. They get use to seeing new posts from you throughout the week. This can build loyal readers that come to your blog multiple times a week.
  • A lot of bloggers will set specific days for certain topics or types of posts. This allows you to really focus on your topics and if you are only posting about that topic once a week that gives you lots of time to write really great posts about it.
  • The majority of the blogs I follow seem to stick to a schedule of two to four posts a week. There are a few who do post a bit more but mostly I’ve noticed that it is most common to write two to four blog posts in a week. 

Should you only blog once a week?

What works:

  • I think this is the minimum you should blog. There are some bloggers who are successful who only blog every other week or once a month but I think once a week is the minimum amount you should blog. 
  • Once a week allows you to still maintain a good relationship with your readers by posting a few times a month. That’s why I don’t like when bloggers I like only post one or twice a month. I end up either forgetting about their blogs or losing interest if I never see posts from them. 
  • If you do post once a week this is your chance to really make posts that shine and impress your readers. Since you only do one post in a week the post should be more lengthy and should be your best effort.  

How Often do I blog?

I blogged daily for awhile but it is a hard schedule to maintain. I started noticing that my posts weren’t great quality.  I did notice that I had better traffic when I was posting a lot but I felt like I wasn’t turning them into fans because I wasn’t writing great posts. I also didn’t have as much time to work on images to pin on Pinterest or on SEO to make my posts found easier. 

So I started writing three to five times a week with a weekly linkup being one of those posts. So, in reality, I only write two to four posts. This allows me to write longer posts with more time to research the posts so I’m providing better content. I’m still spending about the same amount of time each week blogging but with fewer posts, I feel like I’m creating less but better posts. 

I think that it is important to keep a content calendar to schedule your blog posts. That way you don’t write about the same thing too often, this is especially true if you write about multiple subjects. I will try to put together another post about how to use an editorial or content calendar to schedule your blog posts if you are interested. 

One other thing to consider is that if you are currently blogging on a certain schedule don’t abruptly change it on your readers. Going from five or seven times a week down to once a week might make your readers think you’ve stopped blogging. Or the reverse of it. Going from blogging once or twice a week to daily might overwhelm your readers and frustrate them with daily posts. So if you’re making a change especially a large one, do it gradually. Such as adding or subtracting one post a week for a few weeks until you are on a better schedule. 

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