How Information Products Help You Package Your Knowledge and Allow You to Sell It

How Information Products Help You Package Your Knowledge and Allow You to Sell It
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An information product is simply information put together that meets a specific purpose for the user and typically educates them about a topic and seeks to solve their problem. It can be in any format online and offline, but today they are often digital files and sold online for immediate download.

However, did you know that information products have been around pretty much forever? Pre-internet you could order information products from the back of various magazines. Today, anyone with a computer and internet connection can do the same and often do it easier and faster.

There has never been a better time to get involved in the information product business. As someone who wants to monetize their expertise, creating information products will allow you to package your knowledge and sell it easily and quickly.

eBooks & Reports

Creating an eBook or report that explains to your audience how to do something that they can do right now to fix their problem is a good example of an informational eBook or report. For example, “How to Write an Information Product” is a great title for an informational product designed to teach someone to write their information product.

Checklists & Worksheets

Another very helpful information product that people love to download are checklists, cheat sheets, and worksheets. These are often very helpful to solve a specific problem – such as organizing a podcast or listing the steps to set up the SEO on your site using Yoast. Selling your own checklists that you have created and used in your business can be very helpful to others doing the same.

Video & Audio

People like video and audio so much that it enjoys more sharing and credibility from search engines than other types of content. You can quickly create information products this way that can be repurposed into other formats. For example, you can record a webinar, transcribe it, add some checklists, graphics, and facts to turn it into a comprehensive package.

Infographics & Memes

Both types of content are great at expressing information in a way that is memorable. Adding any of these to your content can make it more impressive and feel more complete. Plus, since people learn in different ways, it can point out the right info that you want them to learn in your other information products.

Webinars & Teleseminars

Some people don’t like writing at all, so they tend to create all their content using webinars and teleseminars, then they pay someone to transcribe them and turn them into text versions of the product – while also offering the original.

Remember that a truly good information product will provide a solution to the customer for their problem. It should be a transformative product that is solution focused if you want it to be successful, not difficult to put into motion and succeed with. What type of information products do you think will work best for your business needs and most importantly, your customers?

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