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Ready To Work From Home? Get This Free Home Office Setup Checklist

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Perhaps you think working from home means being in pajamas and being a potato with your laptop on your couch. But we can change that perception by having our own home office setup checklist so you’re ready to jump on being a work-from-home person.

Some might think working from home is so simple but without the proper work-from-home setup, it can be quite a challenge and unproductive for you.

Although I am not an interior designer and an expert in setting up spaces, I can only share my experiences and opinion as a person who likes to stay at home and work from home when I am not working as a nurse.

With this checklist, you can also get home office setup ideas on what your working abode should be like.

Ideas for home office setup checklist:

Find your working space

Having a working space doesn’t require you to have a bigger house or apartment to find the right working area in which you are comfortable spending your time while working whenever you want.

Your home office should be conducive for working and concentrating. It doesn’t also mean it should not be in a secluded area of the house because some individuals love to have a bit of noise while working.

You should also consider a space where you will have access to electricity and lighting or that you have enough spaces for gadgets and other materials in working.

Here are working space ideas you can utilize in your home:

Choose the best desk or working table and a chair

This is quite obvious unless you want to only have a couch or an ottoman where you can work -sure, be my guest, but for the majority of people who work from home, a desk is one of the most essential things in working and pair it with a comfortable chair, please.

Here are examples of desks if you’re looking for ideas for your home office setup:

Multipurpose desk

Corner desk with smooth keyboard tray and shelves

Adjustable desk for office, bedroom, living room height adjustable desk for home with wheels

Foldable wall mounted wooden desk

L-Shaped Dual Motor Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

White home office desk for small spaces

While a lot of people consider investing more time in choosing and shopping for a home office desk, we often forget that chairs play a vital role in completing the work especially if you intend to spend more hours on it.

You shouldn’t only consider the design of the chair but you have to see to it that your office chair is also ergonometric.

Here are the following chairs that should be in your home office setup checklist:

An ergonomic chair that maintains healthy spine posture

A simple chair with breathable fabric material

Adjustable office chair

Install lighting

When you’re working from home, it is of course ideal to have natural lighting but if that’s impossible and your working area doesn’t get any natural light then you need to install lamps and other lighting materials to achieve the lighting you want.

Lighting can either make your work productively or dampen your mood from working so it is important that you have a huge selection of lighting that really suits your need.

Here are some lamps that you can use for your home office setup:

Dimmable lamp with pen holder

Flexible Goose-Neck Desktop Workbench Light

Adjustable Light Angle Desk Lamp for Home Office

Desk Lamp with Night Light

Stylish spiral table lamp with touch controller

Arrange your things with a desk organizer

Your home office is not complete without adding a desk organizer on your table. After all, it is not there for design but it has the purpose of making your work from home experience a bit easier by storing the stuff you mostly need within your grasp.

Here are some of the desk organizers you can add to your home office setup checklist:

Acrylic all in one office desk organizer

Rose Gold Desk Organizer with Upright Slots File Folder Holder

Large Wooden Desk Organizer with Drawers

All-in-One Desk Organizer With Docking Station

Make your chair cozy with a chair cover or rug

While the chair cover sounds more like a design to look more stylish, it also provides comfort especially if you have a chair that is not really ergometric and after hours or minutes of sitting on it, you will feel the burden of sitting or working for more hours.

Plus a chair cover adds personality to your home office – so stylish or not, it’s a must-have in your home office checklist if you want to have more character in your working domain.

Here is my favourite Amazon list:

Soft Faux Fur Rug White Sheepskin Chair Cover Seat

White Fluffy Rugs Chair Cover 

Pink Luxury Soft Chair Cover Seat

Work on your laptop ergonomically with a laptop stand

Instead of hunching over your table while working on your laptop, a laptop stand helps you avoid straining your neck which can lead to more serious health issues.

A laptop elevator facilitates proper alignment of your eyes to the screen of the laptop – which is another factor of obtaining it for your home office setup.

So add one of these laptop stands in your home office setup checklist:

Aluminum Ergonomic Laptops Elevator for Desk

Ergonomic Portable Computer Stand with Heat-Vent to Elevate Laptop

Multi-Angle Height Adjustable 360├é┬░Rotation Notebook Stand 

Ergonomic Detachable Laptop Stand

Add a chair mat under your table and chair

Perhaps you are thinking now this is not even necessary – yes, that could be true, but if you want to have a perfect setup of your home office, a chair mat is also important especially if you are the type of person who can’t sit still that long.

The chair mat avoids you from skidding around which might be annoying especially if you’re working intently. It also saves your floor from scratches and discolouring.

Here are a couple of chair mats you might love to add to your WFH setup checklist:

Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

Office Chair Mat for Hardwood & Tile Floor

White Fluffy Rug for Home Office

Grace your working area with wall art and other details

Add design to your home office setup
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels

No matter how small or boring your working space is, some designs will make a big difference. From a boring home office, you can create an aesthetical looking area that you look forward to every day to working in it.

Some small items and details you can add to your home office setup checklist are the following:

– Wall art

– Desk plants and indoor plants, even fake plants will do as long as they look pleasing to the eyes

– Vase with flower

– Small art details

More inspiration and ideas for your home office design:

Artificial succulents plants

Minimalist Woman Art Painting Set

Dried Pampas Grass Decor

Tulip Floral Arrangement in Vase

If you want to level up your work-from-home setup, you may add a speaker, microphone and video cam (if you want to do vlogging and podcasting) printer, laminator and other materials if you’re into designing.

Of course, don’t forget to include a laptop or PC in your checklist.


It doesn’t matter how wonderful your home office is if you think working from home doesn’t work for you. You decide on that venture not because it’s a trend or something, but because it is really your passion and you are someone who wants to stay at home.

But before you decide on working from home, you should also consider your financial status and how much you and your family will need every month.

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