How to Give Your Blog One Main Focus

How to give your Business One Main Focus

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If you are a business owner, you may have found yourself in a position where you and your business are doing EVERYTHING. Here’s how to step back and give your business one main focus.

After all, aren’t we all so talented??

Chances are that you are talented in plenty of different areas! And if you have started a business, the chances are even greater that you are scrappy by nature.

Along the way, you’ve seen different businesses and have likely thought, “I could do that!” You’ve seen people making money in wonderfully creative ways and just KNOW that you could do the same.

Though a “can-do” attitude may take you places in life, that willingness to dive in and try anything can morph into a very unclear business.

How to Give Your Business One Main Focus

Granted, it may not have started out that way. Maybe you started out selling your fantastic pies. People wanted your pies at their events, and so you started catering too. This grew into tablecloth and table rentals for the events. Naturally you started blogging about the events you catered as well as your fantastic pies. You needed to take great photos for the blog and you even grew quite good at photography, so now you do some family photo shoots “on the side.”

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Before you knew it, and without even planning to – you spread yourself WAY too thin, and are diluting your business efforts completely.

All of those parts of your business are great, and you are likely very talented at each!

But a great business focuses on One Main Thing.

How to Give Your Business One Main Focus

You will be much more successful if you choose one thing and do it well. Pursue it fully. Promote it well. Specialize and watch your business succeed!

Narrowing it down to the One Main Thing can feel daunting. So ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do I enjoy doing the most?
  2. What’s the thing that I do best – maybe even better than others in that area?
  3. What do I want to be known for?

After you have narrowed it down to the ONE THING that you do best and want to pursue, let the other things go. It’s okay! You are still talented in all of those areas. But they won’t be a part of your business right now, they are your hobbies.

Focus like this will allow your business to THRIVE, whereas before it may have been confused, scattered and hard to get off the ground.

Focus also keeps you from overwhelm! (And don’t we all need a little less overwhelm in our life?)

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And most importantly, focus makes you more likely to FOLLOW THROUGH, knowing exactly what you do, what you need to promote, and how to excel at the business you are growing!

For a great outline on setting up an initial business plan, I HIGHLY recommend “Business Boutique” by Christy Wright. Check out her book here:


Another resource is the company Storybrand. They walk you through a process of making sure your message is clear as a business. Head to their site and sign up for their “5 minute marketing makeover,” and you can purchase Donald Miller’s book, “Building a Storybrand” here:

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