11 Best Gifts for Vloggers (From the YouTubers Who Use Them!)

Vlogging (short for “video blogging”) is HUGE these days! If you’ve got a loved one who wants to become the next big YouTuber, these are the best gifts for vloggers based on the gear that successful YouTubers use.

#1 iPhone holder and stabilizer

This is a MUST-HAVE for travel vloggers and any bloggers who do daily vlogs where they walk around while filming themselves. This iPhone holder stabilizes the shot, so it’s not so shaky even if you’re walking.

#2 Backdrops

A photography backdrop makes any YouTube video look WAY more professional. They’re simple to install and instantly boost the video’s look.

Used by: Owen Video (53K subscribers)

#3 Neewer Ring Light for Cameras

You HAVE to see the difference when using a ring light versus not using one. A ring light is just what it sounds like: a light in the shape of a ring. It illuminates the face evenly and creates this beautiful halo effect inside the eyes. It’s absolutely stunning. Get your vlogger this ring light and they’ll instantly look 100X better. This is a must-have for a beauty vlogger!

Used by: Victoria Tschopp (2.4K subscribers)

#4 Ring light for iPhone

You can also get that flawless ring light look even if you film with your iPhone!

Used by: MakeupMesha (72.5K subscribers)

#5 Joby Gorillapod Tripod

Pretty much every YouTuber has a Gorillapod. That’s because it’s flexible and can be molded into different shapes. You can use it as a stick to be your camera holder (kinda like the iPhone holder I mentioned above). Or, if you’re traveling, you can wrap the tripod around a railing and take video of yourself—it’s like having your own cameraman!

#6 iPhone Tripod Mount Adapter with remote!

Pair this iPhone tripod mount adapter with the Joby Gorillapod, and you’ve got the perfect setup for vloggers who use their iPhones!

#7 Rode VideoMicPro Compact Directional On-Camera Microphone

External camera mics boost audio quality. Many cameras have very poor onboard mics, so vloggers often need to buy an external mic. Every videographer and vlogger has the Rode mic! I used to own one as well when I was working as a freelance videographer. This is a top-of-the-line mic used by many YouTubers. This type of mic is best for filming outdoors or filming yourself closeup.

Best Camera for Vloggers

The ideal camera for a YouTuber or vlogger has two things:

  • Auto focus – Unless they have a cameraman, the vlogger MUST have auto focus because the camera needs to be able to maintain focus on their face while they’re talking and moving. Otherwise, sometimes their face will be blurry, ruining their video.
  • Flip screen – It’s important for the vlogger to be able to see themselves while they’re filming the video. The best way to do this is with a camera that has a flip screen. That way, they can flip the screen up and around toward them, allowing them to watch themselves while they talk.

Some additional nice-to-haves:

  • Mic input – For the best audio quality, a vlogger needs to have an external mic (like the Rodes one mentioned above). But to be able to attach the microphone to the camera, the camera needs to include a mic input jack.
  • Changeable lenses – Certain lenses are better for certain shooting situations. A prime lens, for example, is great for closeups of the vlogger’s face and portrait photos. But, if the vlogger is, say, a travel vlogger, they might want a wide-angle lens to be able to take in the entire landscape. For this, they’d need a camera that has detachable lenses. Not all cameras have this.

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# 8 Budget: Canon PowerShot SX740 (Point and Shoot)

The Canon PowerShot packs a lot of punch for a point-and-shoot camera. Many YouTubers recommend this if you’re just starting out. Even though you can’t change out the lenses, it has auto-focus, a flip screen, and an onboard mic.

#9 Slightly Higher-Priced Budget Alternative: Canon PowerShot G7X (Point and Shoot)

I almost didn’t include this one as a “budget” camera because it’s more expensive than the SX740, but it’s still substantially less expensive than the Canon Rebel. Plus, the video it creates is GORGEOUS. I watched plenty of comparison videos on YouTube, showing the difference between the SX740 and the GX 7, and let me tell you, if you can afford the GX7, get it versus the SX740. It blurs the background out nicely and retains a sharp focus on the vlogger’s face.

#10 Mid-level: Canon EOS Rebel T7i (DSLR) + 50mm Lens

Ah, the Canon Rebel is a CLASSIC and a staple in the photography community. Many consider it to be the entry-level DSLR camera. This is the same camera I got when I started my photojournalism class, and I still have it! Granted, it’s the much older T2i (I got it around 2011).

Thanks to its upgrades, the T7i has AUTO FOCUS! That’s what makes this a great camera for vloggers. The T2i is frustrating because it’s hard for me to make sure my face is in focus when I’m filming myself.

Now, for the Canon Rebel, I recommend pairing it with the 50mm prime lens. A prime lens is one that doesn’t zoom in or out. The 50mm lens is PERFECT for YouTube because it creates beautiful shots when it’s just of your face and shoulders, blurring the background out nicely. It is NOT a good lens for filming “b-roll” (scenes around you) because it’s very “close up.”

Used by: Alexx Beautyxo (38K subscribers) (To clarify, she’s using the Canon Rebel T6i in this video)

#11 Pro: Sony A7R ii (Mirrorless)

The only issue I found with the Sony A7R ii, as Matt D’Avella mentions in his video below, is that it has a 30-minute recording limit. So if you plan on shooting videos longer than that, it might be annoying. However, there is a hack for getting past the 30-minute limit.

Used by: Matt D’Avella (2.1M subscribers)

Which Vlogger Gift Will You Get?

I hope you found this list of gifts for vloggers useful. I put a lot of research into it! The gift you get depends on your vlogger’s skill level and area of expertise. For example, a beginner will probably only need a budget-level camera. And a beauty vlogger will probably LOVE a ring light.

Be sure to also check out my post on the best practical gifts for bloggers.

Happy shopping!

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