13 Thoughtful Gifts For Clients To Show Gratitude

Though we all say business is business and you should not mix it with your or your client’s personal life, considering gifts for clients doesn’t have to spoil the ”business-only” relationship.

Buying presents for clients may be hard since you don’t know them that well and you don’t know what they really want.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find thoughtful gifts for clients because you only have them as your clients.

Everyone loves to accept a gift, but it should be better if you have considered what your clients want for a gift.

You can’t simply ask them directly, like ”hey, I’m thinking of getting you a present. What would you like to receive from me?”

So if you are not of those people who simply ask, what you can do is observe your client, what she has, what she likes or what is lacking that she may need.

You can also stalk her social media accounts (though I don’t really like the sound of stalking) and look at the posts she published so you will know what she does and what she likes through her posts.

Why gift giving is important in business?

-Your clients will feel special and it makes them think they are of value to you not only in doing business with you.

-Your clients will always remember you and your business when they see and use the gifts you have given them.

-It shows your creative side, especially if you create handmade, personalized gifts which may turn into a new opportunity as well.

-It shows your gratitude and your attentiveness to your clients’ needs, which puts you in a positive light.

-It strengthens your relationship with your clients and giving gifts can build trust, which will lead to a long-term business-client relationship

Should the gifts for clients expensive?

According to INC, giving expensive gifts to your clients is more like a bribe than a gift and the clients will feel more obligated to continue working with you or buying from you.

While this website recommends spending a minimum of $50 worth of gifts for clients, you are the one who still decides in the end how much value you will give to your client.

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Here are ideas for gifts for clients:

Business pen – Your clients may be techie individuals, but having a pen around them when they need to jot down something instantly is a great accessory already and they will always be thankful for having that simple item on their desks when they need them badly.

Gift cards or discount cards – You don’t know what your clients want, but you don’t want to appear empty-handed when you meet them again. One of the most common methods to save yourself from overthinking what to give someone on special holidays or occasions is getting a gift card from the popular stores or online shops in your area.

If you dare, you can also give your clients a gift card for your own shop or store. If you want to create your own, you can use a template on Canva.

gift card as a corporate gift
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

Laptop bag– You can’t go wrong with a laptop bag as a gift to your clients, especially when they’re always on the road. If your business caters more for the female population, you can get them this laptop bag.

Coffee mug or bottle – If your client needs a dose of caffeine every day, I’m sure she will be happy to receive this gorgeous coffee mug. You can also pair it with this equally gorgeous Boss Lady Travel Tumbler.

Eyeglasses holder – People in the business get busy and their desks can get chaotic as well. You can help your clients organise one aspect of their business lives by providing them with this handcrafted wooden eyeglasses holder.

I survived another meeting… should have been an email – Funny coffee mug

If you can’t get enough of the lady boss coffee mug, you can also wrap this funny coffee mug for your workaholic clients. If they had a long day, this funny message on the mug would definitely bring a smirk to their faces.

Notepad – Just like a pen, notepads are essential to be on the desk all the time, especially when your clients are collecting very important data and they have to jut it down immediately. Notepads are small but they play a big role in the working and business world.

If you’re into creating personalized gifts for your clients, you can use this to create cute and simple notepads at home.

printable notepad image you can buy as a cute gift

Folder or File Organizer for desk – Helps your clients organize their desk life so they could manage their business well and work with you efficiently as well. What’s good about this file organizer is that it saves your clients from headaches and it saves their time plus space as well.

Whiteboard – Your clients may use their laptops all the time, but it is still good to have a wide space to write on. With Whiteboard, they have a better overview and they can best plan out because of its enormous area. Aside from that, they don’t have to strain their eyes by looking at the screen of their laptops.

Appointment book – Some don’t rely on technology to keep tabs on their schedule and appointment. If your clients are one of those individuals, you can give this appointment notebook that they can use for next year.

Book a massage or a beauty salon – Perhaps your clients have everything they want and they need, so you’re not sure if they will appreciate the objects you have in mind. They might work a lot too that they don’t even think of other things like pampering themselves.

What you can give to them is book them a salon time or a massage appointment.

massage as one of the presents you can give to a client
Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels

Humor, Seriously Business Book – Being on business shouldn’t just all about busy schedule and strict meetings. When dealing with money and working with people, you should take it seriously, but humour plays a good part in business, too.

If you’re curious how humour works in business and in life, you gotta check out this book as a gift for clients or even for yourself, too.

VPN Subscription – This is a practical and useful gift you can give to anyone, especially to your clients who usually do their transactions online.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network protects your data and prevents others from seeing your activities and transactions online. If you want to know more, you can check out this VPN offer.

Let’s wrap it up…

Giving gifts to your clients strengthens not only your business-client relationship, but your clients will also feel that you don’t only see them as a business person but as an individual with wants and needs, too.

These gifts mentioned above are only ideas and suggestions that I would love to give my clients too, but it doesn’t mean you have to follow or buy these items because you have to consider first who and what kind of person who will receive the gift.

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