Figure Out Where Your Audience Hangs Out Online

Figure Out Where Your Audience Hangs Out Online

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Figure Out Where Your Audience Hangs Out Online
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As mentioned in the previous article in this series, you will want to figure out where your audience hangs out. The reason why you want to know where your audience hangs out is so that you can hang out with them yourself and learn more about them. Once you find your audience, you can study them further, and you can market to them easier.

Figure Out Who They Are

The best way to identify your target audience is to find your competition and see who is consuming their content. Observe in their groups, join their newsletters, go to their events, and you’re sure to find your ideal audience there, too.

Discover the Terms They Use

Another way is to figure out search terms that one might use to find your products, services, and solutions. Use those terms. Most of the time, people search for problems in question format online to find solutions. Do the same and search for the problem you are solving.

Search for Them Using Google Search

You can also use Google search to accomplish the above using the terms. For example, if you have a solution that helps people automate making funnels, look up “how to make a marketing funnel,” and you’re sure to find others asking the same question.

Use Social Media to Search

You can also search using those terms on social media. If you are observing people discussing issues, you might even find a hashtag that you can use to search Twitter or Instagram for more people who are talking about the topic.

Look at Your Existing Traffic Sources

If you already have a blog, website, and traffic, look at your analytics to find out the sources of the traffic you’re receiving. You may discover a treasure trove of information that leads you to where your ideal target audience hangs out. Your current traffic is probably more important than any other tip here.

When You Find One, Ask Them

If you find one person who fits the profile you’ve made for your ideal targeted audience member, ask them questions. You can even stalk them online by joining the groups they’re in where you’re sure to locate more members of your audience. If it’s allowed in the groups that you join, you can ask questions, post surveys, and get a lot of help when you find the right people.

Once you discover where your ideal target audience hangs out, you will be able to join in and participate in those places while learning more about your ideal audience at the same time. The more you know about your ideal target audience, the more you will be able to solve their problems in the way that they prefer. After all, it’s about your target audience, not you.

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