10 Things You Need to Edit on Your Business Facebook Page
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10 Things You Need to Edit on Your Business Facebook Page

In order to have a truly effective Facebook page for your business, there are several key things that need to be in place.

You want to make your page a thriving and active place that communicates about your business. It should be a place full of great information, visuals that catch people’s attention, and it should also be FULL of engagement!

Engagement is all of the likes, comments and shares on your page. THIS is the goal we are all aiming for on our pages!

We want thriving pages that showcase our business and even our own personality.

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Let’s walk through the necessary ingredients for an effective Facebook Page.

10 Things You Need to Edit on Your Business Facebook Page | online business | social media marketing | blog | blogging | #facebook #facebookmarketing #onlinebusiness #blog #blogging

1. You must have a Facebook PAGE set up for your business, not a personal Facebook PROFILE.

Chances are, if you are used to being a Facebook user, you know all about your Facebook Profile. And so, you may have created a business Facebook profile as a next step.

But, this is not what’s needed for your business.

A Facebook PAGE allows you a vast number of business options and insights on your audience. You don’t have access to these on a profile.

Also, a Facebook PAGE allows people to like, follow, and see your content instantly (and without permission.) Whereas a Profile is more private in nature and you have to give people permission to Friend you. This makes it much more difficult for your customers to engage with you on Facebook, and we do NOT want to create barriers for our audience!

And, most importantly, it’s actually against Facebook’s terms of service for you to use a Facebook Profile for business. You need to be running your business from a Page.

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2. Make sure your Facebook page has an accurate username.

This is the name that shows up after facebook.com/ in your search bar at the top. If you set this to your company name, and make sure it looks good – it’s much easier to communicate in situations where you can’t easily use a link. For example, on your business cards or perhaps your email signature.

Make it something that makes sense, is simple to remember, and you can easily communicate.

10 Things You Need to Edit on Your Business Facebook Page | online business | social media marketing | blog | blogging | #facebook #facebookmarketing #onlinebusiness #blog #blogging

3. Post an easily recognizable Profile Photo.

You may have sensed a theme already – you want your audience to be able to find and recognize you quickly and easily!

Your Profile photo is the picture that represents your Facebook Page, in the top left corner of your page. Though you may change your other photos more often, this one will likely stay consistent.

You could use your company logo, or a headshot of yourself if you are running a personal brand.

This will be the photo that shows up in all search results on Facebook, at the top of your Facebook Page, and as a thumbnail photo when you post anywhere – so choose this photo very well!

Note that the photo will crop to a circle on Facebook, so preview the photo when you upload it and make sure that nothing is cut off and that it looks great in the circle format.

A couple of notes from Facebook – you may get better results on the clarity of your photo if it’s a PNG file. Also, the dimensions of the Profile photo on desktop screens is 170×170 pixels.

Real talk here – If pixels are confusing, simply test out the photo. Load a photo as your Profile photo and see what it looks like. If it’s clear to see, you’re good!

4. Put up a great Cover Photo.

This is the big photo across the top of your page. And since it is the biggest thing on your page, it needs to be attention grabbing, high quality, and descriptive of your page. It should showcase your products or your business in some way.

Here are the details – the actual dimensions of the cover photo are 820×312 pixels.

But – once again, if pixels are too much to think about (and it’s just fine if they are!) you can use trial and error for this photo too.

Upload one that you like, and see what it looks like! If it’s blurry at all or cropped weirdly, you need a new one.

Also – use your phone and check to see what it looks like. You will notice that the sides of the cover photo are cropped on mobile. When you are picking a photo for this spot, it can’t have important content all the way out to the edges, or else the customers looking from their phones will miss out.

TIP: I love using the photo and graphics program called Canva. One of the best parts of Canva is that there are templates made for just about everything you could need! You can select “Facebook Cover Photo” and edit it right there, download the image and then you know that it will be the right formatting, size, pixels, and everything. You can also easily resize the same images for different purposes as well.

10 Things You Need to Edit on Your Business Facebook Page | online business | social media marketing | blog | blogging | #facebook #facebookmarketing #onlinebusiness #blog #blogging

5. Put a Call to Action Button under your Cover Photo.

You always want to give people as many chances as possible to interact with your business, and making use of this button is a way to do that.

Select one of the options in the menu. Maybe it’s the Shop Now button or the Learn More button. Pick one that makes sense for your business.

Then you put in a link. This will be the place that Facebook takes users when they click on the button. For example, if you picked “Shop Now” you would put in the link for your online store.

This can be a great way to drive some traffic to your website, your store, or other content.

6. Fill in the “About” section on your Facebook Page.

On the left side of your page you will find your About tab.

This is one of the first places people will look when they are learning about your business.

Here, you can put in as much information as you can about your business. Some of the tabs may not make sense for your business, and you can leave those blank. But for the rest of them,  put some information that explains your business and grabs people’s attention.

Make sure you are CLEARLY stating what your business does, and how people can be involved. Don’t necessarily focus on putting the history of your company, or how you started the business. Tough love – those things are interesting to you, but probably not to your customer!

Fill out your About section, and then look at it with this question in mind – If someone came here for the first time, and looked at your information for about 5 seconds, could they tell you what your business does?

If the answer is yes, you are done! If not, take time to edit.

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10 Things You Need to Edit on Your Business Facebook Page | online business | social media marketing | blog | blogging | #facebook #facebookmarketing #onlinebusiness #blog #blogging

7. Create a timeline full of great posts.

As you are putting up posts, keep in mind that VISUALS are really important! By visuals – I mean the photos and videos that you are posting. Even the memes or graphics are important.

People are scrolling through their Newsfeeds very quickly, and so great visuals can grab their attention.

A great visual is 40x more likely to be shared on social media than a text alone post!

Need some great photos to use on your pages? My favorite place to get photos is Haute Stock. Use this link for FREE sample photos from Haute Stock!

And the most popular visuals of all on Facebook are Facebook Live Videos – people spend 3x more time watching Facebook Live than pre-recorded videos.

As you are posting regularly on your Facebook page, try to have a regular routine of putting up great visuals to catch people’s eye.

8. Post consistently to your Page.

Remember, we are setting up your page to be a GREAT place that people want to be, where they want to be a part of the conversation, and therefore a part of your business.

You MUST be posting consistently.

Now, notice that I did not say a certain amount to times per day to post – this is where YOU testing YOUR audience comes into play.

You need to find a balance between posting often enough, and posting TOO often and cluttering up people’s Newsfeeds.

Try different routines for a bit and see what’s working. For a couple of weeks, post 1x per day and see what level of reach and engagement you are getting on your posts. Then for a couple of week up the number of posts to say 3x per day. See what your level of reach and engagement is then. Was it more? Or was your average daily reach and engagement the same total per day, just spread out between 3 posts?

Decide on a number that works best for your audience, but also for you personally.

NOTE: You do not want to burn yourself out. It is much better to be posting 1x per day and be able to maintain it longterm, than to demand 4 posts per day from yourself, and then burn out and quit posting for a month!

One tip, use the scheduler option within Facebook to schedule out your posts. This allows you to batch your posts, rather than thinking about them daily. While there are tons of options of schedulers outside of Facebook, I have found that your posts will not get nearly as much reach. Facebook really wants you to be IN Facebook, creating and scheduling your posts. So even if you use a program to monitor your social media, I recommend doing the actual scheduling within Facebook itself.

Be consistent in your posting so that your audience knows your business is there, and is there to stay.

10 Things You Need to Edit on Your Business Facebook Page | online business | social media marketing | blog | blogging | #facebook #facebookmarketing #onlinebusiness #blog #blogging

9. Pin an important post to the top of your Page.

Facebook gives you the option to “Pin” a post to the top, meaning that it will stay on the top of your timeline until you “UnPin” the post.

This is a great place to put something that you do not want to get buried down the list of posts in your timeline.

Maybe you are having a month-long promotion that you want to highlight, or perhaps there’s a contest for your audience to participate in.

Pin it to the top so it stays front and center.

One word of caution – don’t leave something pinned for too long. If you have a pinned post that has been there for a year, it looks like you’re not on your page very often, and have just set it and forgotten it. I wouldn’t leave a pinned post up for more than a month.

10. Regularly monitor and respond to comments on your Facebook Page.

Honestly, the more the better! Remember how we said earlier that engagement is KING on Facebook?

Well, we need to be engaging with our audiences on Facebook!

Think about posting in a way that encourages your audience to respond in some way. When they do comment, be there to comment back and encourage conversation.

This not only helps your posts to reach even more people, but shows your people that you are here regularly, listening to them, and engaging with them.

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Once you’ve edited these 10 aspects of your business’s Facebook Page, you are in a good place to attract the customers that you’d like to.

You are also now in a great place to start boosting posts and creating Facebook ads. After all, if you are paying for ads to lead people to your Facebook page, you most definitely want to have an active and thriving page set up!

You want your Facebook Page to be FULL of great posts for people to discover and a place that catches their attention and draws them in.

Want to remember this 10 Things You Need to Edit on Your Business Facebook Page article? Save it to your favorite Pinterest board! 

10 Things You Need to Edit on Your Business Facebook Page | social media marketing | online business | blog | blogging | marketing | #facebook #facebookmarketing #onlinebusiness #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #onlinebusiness #blog #blogging

10 Things You Need to Edit on Your Business Facebook Page | Social Media Marketing | online business | small business | Facebook Marketing | blog | blogging | blogger | #Facebook #Facebookmarketing #marketing #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #onlinebusiness #blog #blogging #blogger

10 Things You Need to Edit on Your Business Facebook Page | Social Media Marketing | online business | small business | Facebook Marketing | blog | blogging | blogger | #Facebook #Facebookmarketing #marketing #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #onlinebusiness #blog #blogging #blogger

10 Things You Need to Edit on Your Business Facebook Page | Social Media Marketing | online business | small business | Facebook Marketing | blog | blogging | blogger | #Facebook #Facebookmarketing #marketing #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #onlinebusiness #blog #blogging #blogger

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