Develop Your Brand’s Tone

Before you start putting yourself out there through marketing, it’s a good idea to step back and iron out some details that will make marketing considerably easier. After all, YOU know very well what you sell and why, but it may not be as clear to your potential customers!

1. Decide exactly “what you do.”

In one simple sentence, identify what it is that you offer. For example, “I make beautiful handmade dresses,” or “I teach music lessons to kids.” As basic as this sounds, what EXACTLY it is that you do can get lost in translation. Especially for people that are a jack-of-all-trades, or in the consulting field.

Be clear, and write down your “one” thing.

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2.   Determine your Ideal Customer.

Who are you going to be selling your product or service to? In an ideal world, EXACTLY who would be a great customer for your business?

Having a very clear picture of this person can help you tailor your marketing – from the look and feel, to the words you use, to the way you post on social media.

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3.  Create a basic “look and feel” of your content.

Now that you know what your business is about, and who you are ideally selling to, you can determine a basic tone for your brand, business, website and social media.

This is the point where you decide your tone of voice – whether your brand is funny and snarky, composed and professional, or casual and conversational. You also will be deciding which colors, images, and looks will draw people to your brand.

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After you have walked through these steps, you are in a great position to move forward and start marketing on social media!