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Daily Blogging Tasks of Serious Bloggers + Free Blogging E-Book

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When you’re over a year blogging, you should know by now daily blogging circles not only around writing.

Let’s just say..you don’t intend to get serious in blogging. In that case, I’m telling you this upfront, this blog post is not for you.

To those of you who stay and will stay towards the end of this page, there’s.a reward waiting for you.

Before we discuss more about daily blogging and how we can manage it, you might like to read the following topics:

If you’re really serious about blogging, like I do, I batched the daily blogging tasks into five.

Everyone is different, you might have an assistant to do other blogging tasks, but for a solo blogger who does everything, you might find this post relevant.

Here are the daily blogging tasks you may follow if you want to make your blogging venture to a higher level:

Disclaimer: You may find affiliate links throughout the content. I’ll get a small commission when you purchase through my links (at no extra cost to you, of course), which I can use to spoil my small black German Spitz dog. 🙂

– Research

Before you type on your laptop, you need to have ideas and topics in your mind or your planner.

Without topics, you are wasting your time by thinking about what to write with your fingers suspended in the air with the laptop before you.

Surely, you can write without researching ahead if you’re an expert in your niche and if you’re the source of all information in the internet world.

However, even experts and gurus have to validate their knowledge too and spreading false information puts not only people at risk but it also compromises you legally.

Research is essential in blog and article writing to back up the information you’re going to share and publish on your website or blog.

And Google also loves it if you’re linking to the other much reliable sources on the internet.

So how should you research your topics for your blog?

You can always turn to your niche, passion and knowledge wherein you have more ideas and output for a blog post and type on Google using the phrases you have thought about.

For example, how to start a blog. But that topic is already very popular and almost all bloggers with blogging as their niche write about this topic. If you also want to see if you have a chance to rank on a particular keyword or key phrase, you should check it through Keysearch or Ahrefs.

I personally use Keysearch because it is easy to use and very affordable. Below is an example of my research for the phrase ”how to start a blog”. The score means the difficulty of the keywords and your chance of ranking on Google using these keywords.

I choose keywords whose score is in green because I know I would have the chance to appear on the first page of Google.

research of keywords is one of the daily blogging tasks of bloggers

If you really want to write about the topic of starting a blog with the keywords ”how to start a blog”, you might want to widen your marketing area and make use of social media marketing like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

While the keywords ”how to start a blog” are quite popular and often used, ”how to start a lifestyle blog” may be the right one for you if you have a lifestyle blog.

With a difficulty score of 36, there’s a possibility that you will rank for these keywords. But choosing the right keywords is not an insurance that you will rank on Google.

You should know how to and when to use the keywords on your blog post.

keywords and blogging daily

If you’re running out of ideas on what to write for your next blog posts, you can use Pinterest for inspiration, Quora to see what people ask and of course Google.

Here’s a blog post I wrote and published on where to get ideas for your blog if you’re running out of ideas.

So, if you’re serious about daily blogging without really forcing yourself to publish a post every single day, you gotta do research not only for blog posts and keywords but for products you wanted to sell or promote (as an affiliate partner).

– Write

Now after researching, you’re ready to write a topic. Some bloggers can publish one blog post every day, while others can only manage one a week or a month.

Whether you obliged yourself to publish one blog post a day or a week, writing a day can make a difference for bloggers and writers.

Writing a day improves your writing ability and skills like what Forbes has cited, ”the more you write, the easier it becomes, and the better you get.”

Some bloggers are also writing for a living and are using their blogs and other online publications as portfolios. So writing every day helps them hone their knowledge and get more clients.

But if you’re a blogger, you write not only for your blog posts as part of your daily blogging activities, but you should also write for your social media posts (if you’re leveraging them by the way).

If you don’t have a social media manager or a virtual assistant, you have to write for your e-mail newsletter, social media posts like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

How should you write a blog post?

When I was starting a blog, I used to write on Microsoft Word but I noticed it wasn’t productive at all when I had to edit my blog post and transfer it to Grammarly or directly to WordPress for more editing.

So I wrote directly this blog post on WordPress while Grammarly and ProWritingAid edit my work.

How long should your blog post be?

To help me with the SEO optimization of my blog posts, I use Rank Math and it recommends at least 600 words. But I try to reach 1000-1500 words for every blog post I write. When I reach 2000 words, that’s quite an achievement on my part.

Even TheWritePractice suggests 600-1250 words for your blog posts to achieve more shares on social media.

But it doesn’t also mean you should try to reach 1500 words on your blog post even though you have written all the important words and facts you should share and just fill your article with unnecessary words or fillers just to reach 1000 or 2000 words.

– Design or Create Graphics

If you’re not relying 100 percent on SEO, you have to promote your blog posts on different social media platforms so you will have readers and visitors to your blog.

But even though you’re confident of your SEO skills and you’re sure your blog post will land on the first page of Google, you also need to entice your visitors and readers to stay longer on your blog or to click on other pages on your blog.

So how can you make it? Simply, use attractive photos and graphics on your blog and blog posts. Because as a blogger, you have to work on making sure that your blog doesn’t end up ignored or left out. More on that later..

If you’re treating your blog as a business, it can be that you’re selling products or offering services. So, if you fall under this category of bloggers, your daily blogging activity doesn’t limit you from writing but you also have to create graphics and products which have something to do with designing.


Let’s say you are not a famous blogger that every reader and follower waits patiently and excitedly for you to publish your blog post.

Even huge online publications use email marketing to attain and send readers and visitors to their websites and blog posts, so how much more to normal and average bloggers?

After publishing your blog post, you shouldn’t call it a day immediately and celebrate. Well, maybe a small reward is understandable, like taking a 10-minute break or an hour before you start on your next daily blogging task -the promotion.

You’re not one of those big and popular bloggers so you work your ass off to get readers of your outstanding blog posts.

No matter how good you’ve written and articulated your article with all the highfalutin words if no one reads it – it wound end among the pile of forgotten blog posts.

How do you promote your blog and blog posts?

-Index your blog post or article on Google Search Console

-Send your email subscribers an email about your new blog post

-Schedule or publish your pins on Pinterest

-Post it on Instagram

-Share it on Twitter and Facebook page

-Take part in Facebook group threads and Twitter posts

-Answer questions on Quora and Reddit and other online forums where you can insert your link or relevant blog posts

-Create and plan

You realized you don’t want to be a blogger forever and just write your heart out. You want more, and thus, aim more.

You decided you want to sell products (either digital or physical) and it’s time to create them (after you have already planned and validated your idea).

If you have a product in mind, search it on Google or on Pinterest and see if people have already made it.

If a couple of people already sell it, don’t be frustrated and give up on it, because it means that idea works. You should analyze their products, read the reviews and then you get ideas about what is lacking or what should you improve if you are to create a similar product.

The planning phase doesn’t focus on products only, but it also deals with your future blog ideas like blog posts, blog design, web host, strategies and marketing ideas.

Let’s wrap it up…

These daily blogging tasks may not apply to you but this idea helps me to work on my blog. You can start with a plan or do keyword research immediately, write about a topic, design promotional graphics, promote it, and create your product ideas or plan about it.

Then repeat the cycle.

You don’t have to follow these steps. You too can create your blogging strategy and important daily blogging activities you want to implement for blog growth.

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