Create That First Paid Product Quickly to Test the Waters

Create That First Paid Product Quickly to Test the Waters

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Create That First Paid Product Quickly to Test the Waters
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Now that you’ve identified your audience, you know where they hang out, and you have explored various problems that you can solve, choose one problem with a simple solution that you can solve and then create a short eBook on the topic that you will sell as an entry-level product. This product will cost between $7 and $27 in order to test the interest of your audience.

This type of product also works as a list builder to build brand awareness as well as to build up your status as an expert. However, you should market it to your email list and current customers, too.

Choose one goal for the eBook but realize that it can serve many functions from an income stream to a list builder to an introduction to what you offer. The best entry-level product is one that solves one problem fast and easily, much like a lead magnet – except that you are going to put a price on it.

Create a Sales Page for the eBook

Starting with your sales page may seem strange, but the truth is, it’s a great way to create an outline for yourself about what you want in the eBook. When you make the sales page, you have to list all the benefits of the product and justify the value as well as dispel objections. When you do it first, you can use it as a guide for product creation.

Solve a Problem Quickly

The first digital information product that you create needs to be simple by solving just one problem very fast. For example, going back to the idea of your expertise being traffic generation as a traffic ambassador. You sell funnel software and traffic generation services. A perfect eBook, in this case, might be something about Creating a Traffic-Generating Content Funnel. The eBook can teach all about creating a funnel for your content marketing process.

Create an eBook in PDF Format

Most people are accustomed to getting digital downloads in the form of PDF files today. It’s going to look most professional and make it hard for the recipient to accidentally change the formatting or words inside. Most people have PDF reader software on their phones and computers, so compatibility will not be an issue. Newer versions of MS Word will easily convert your files, or you can hire someone on or through your network.

Create an Eye-Catching Product Cover

People do buy books because of the cover. Therefore, spend time and funds on creating the perfect product cover that catches your ideal target audience’s eye. You can create your own covers on, but if you aren’t good with graphic design, it might work out better to hire someone to do it for you.

Format Your eBook Attractively

One other aspect of the book’s beauty is to format it in a way that’s easy to read, easy to go through and looks attractive. What is attractive is truly in the eye of the beholder, meaning your audience. Use fonts, colors, and formatting that they will like most.

Promote It Everywhere

Once you finish the product, your job is not over. You must promote it as if it’s the most expensive and best product you’ve ever seen or promoted. Be excited about it, share it on social, and set it up in your autoresponder to tell your audience about it. Get your affiliates in on the deal too by offering a higher than normal percentage of your low-cost product.

You can use software like or easily for your first digital information product without investing in expensive software to start with. However, one of the best choices for setting up your products in a shopping cart that also has affiliates right on your site is, and it’s affordable. If this product sells well, and you get good feedback, you will know that you’re on the right track for your bigger and more impressively priced future product or service.

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