Consider Writing and Publishing a Book

Consider Writing and Publishing a Book
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When you are thinking of how you can turn your expertise into a profitable business, one of the fastest methods is to write and publish a book. This book should be published in both digital and print formats and have enough content in it to establish you as an expert, gain credibility, and become a thought leader in your field. Let’s explore all the reasons this is a good idea.

Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

A book can help others see you as a thought leader because you can put your thoughts down on paper. When you offer people a print book as the foundation of your business, people (especially your audience and your competition) are truly impressed by it and tend to think more about you due to your work.

Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

There is something about putting your words down on paper that solidifies your expert status. This can be built by blogging, publishing articles, and other methods too, but having a book published offers a real product that you can point to that happened due to your expertise.

Prove Yourself as Credible & Experienced

It takes work to put a book together, and no one must know if you hired a ghostwriter, hired many editors, or hired someone to design the cover graphics everyone knows this is part of publishing a book in today’s world. Even the idea that you can do all that is going to make you seem like you know what you’re doing.

Provide a Jumping Off Point for Your Products & Services

The best thing about a book is that it can become the basis of many other products and services from courses, to information products, to workshops and group coaching experiences for your audience. This book can be the very beginning of your six-figure coaching system. It can also spin off many other profitable ideas all from one book.

Enable You to Get More Exposure

The book must be promoted. It’s easier to promote a book than yourself sometimes. When you are promoting and talking about the book, you will, of course, mention yourself, but you’ll be talking about yourself in terms of how you help others via the book. It’s also easier to promote a book because people are used to interviewing authors, so you’ll be more likely to get local TV time, radio time, and popular podcast interviews due to the book.

It’s a Simple Process to Get it Done

While it is time-consuming to write a book, you are indeed already an expert at something. You have experienced something, overcome something, accomplished something, and it’s all the basis for the business you want to start. All you have to do is write it down, pay someone to edit it, and then start promoting.

While writing a book can seem intimidating, the truth is, if you are really an expert in your field, (even if you’re only one step up in knowledge from your audience) the fact that you could compile it together into a book for consumption by the public is impressive. The act will establish you as a holder of knowledge and experience in your niche for years to come.

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