Could Changing Your Mindset Change Everything?

Could Changing Your Mindset Change Everything?

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Lately, I have really been diving into mindset and how it truly affects every aspect of our work and lives. What we think is powerful. And the question really becomes – Could changing your mindset change EVERYTHING?

Let me tell you a story.

The other day, I was writing a blog post for another company – and NOTHING was going right.

The more I wrote, the less things were making sense. I kept changing the point of the whole post on the fly. I would scrap it all and start over.

It truly was turning into a nonsensical rant. (NOT really the vibe I was going for….)

Could Changing Your Mindset Change Everything?

Here’s the truth of that day, and of my situation:

  • I was trying to batch write several posts in one sitting, so I had been writing for a while.
  • I was honestly pretty distracted (by my dog, who needed to go outside of all things!)
  • I was rushing. I really wanted to just check the task off my list and get out the door for the next thing.
  • All of this added up to a serious lack of focus on my part.

Finally, I closed my computer and simply said that this was not working, and I would try again the next day.

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The reason I tell you this story, is because I realized something BIG in that moment.

You see, I used to attach all these OTHER things to myself in moments like that.

I used to walk away, frustrated.

Admitting defeat.

With a narrative going in my head that went something like this…. “You’re no good at writing anyway. I can’t believe they hired you to write this piece. You’re such a fraud. You never are able to actually focus and get anything worthwhile done. Maybe you can’t actually pull this off.”

Is any of that actually true?


However, this time, I realized that I was responding in a different way.

I simply understood that I needed to step away from the process, clear my mind, and try again later.

Changing Your Mindset

As I said earlier, I’ve been digging into the idea of “mindset” and what it means. I’ve been recognizing some seriously limiting mindsets that I tend to have about myself, and working on changing them.

You see, we all have them. Without even consciously knowing it, our negative reactions about ourselves in any given situation can be a mindset that holds us back.

Mindset is a powerful thing.

I know it can sound a little “woo,” but truly – what we believe about ourselves and our situations, is what comes to pass.

Could Changing Your Mindset Change Everything?

It reminds me of Henry Ford’s famous quote:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

Do you think it’s possible to grab ahold of those negative mindsets and change them?

I do.

It takes some work, and some re-training of our brains, but it is definitely possible.

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Do you need to work on changing your mindset in any area right now?

Many of us are spending plenty of hours stuck at home right now. That time can often bring mindset issues to the surface. I know when I am left alone with my thoughts, it can certainly reveal some problems in my life!

Here are some ideas to get you thinking. Do you need to try changing your mindset in any of these areas?

  • Perhaps you need a mindset shift in your parenting.
  • Or maybe in your marriage.
  • Or maybe in your self-talk about yourself.
  • Or maybe you need a mindset shift about that career you are wanting to get started, but you are feeling stuck in the process.

Today – how could you create a different way to think about that area?

A Piece of Advice

My advice – write it down. Write down something that you may not FEEL right now, but you either KNOW to be true, or you WANT to be true.

Could Changing Your Mindset Change Everything?

Keep that paper somewhere where you can reference it every morning. Read it aloud to yourself each morning, and see what change starts to happen.

And then, relax and allow yourself to believe it.

Back to my story – You know what? That writing piece that was going so badly? I went back to it later, after clearing my head, and it went JUST FINE.

No ugly narrative about myself needed.

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