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My Journey to Blogging and Business

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Have you always known what you are meant to be? Were you one of those kids who grew up knowing they were going to be a doctor or a lawyer or an artist? I never was like that. I never had a burning passion or drive to be one thing growing up. As I have started getting older I have begun to figure out my talents and what I am meant to do. I like to communicate and connect with people.

Being home a lot  due to my disability has lead me on my journey to  blogging and connecting online. I’m also someone who likes to learn a lot. In the ever-changing world of social media, there is no end to learning. I’m constantly reading and watching videos on blogging and areas of social media. It’s exciting and I love learning all I can.

I came from a family of entrepreneurs and business owners. I never thought that I would want to go down that path. My grandpa owned two gas stations my grandma owned a clothing store when I was little. My dad owned a tire and car service station and now my mom owns a floral shop and does wedding flowers. On the other side of my family, my mom’s stepmom owns a gem and mineral business and her grandfather owned his own business as well.

So I have been surrounding by many types of businesses all my life. Growing up seeing the positive side but also being exposed to the negative side of business ownership I thought I would never go down that path.  I happened to marry a guy who has always wanted to be a business owner so I’ve known that entrepreneurship was probably  going to be a part of my family’s life at some point.  

Also once my career and school prospects got cut down due to my disability and I realized that working from home was going to be a very likely scenario in my future. I’ve put a lot of thought into what that career would be. I’ve been helping my mom with her social media for her business and studying up what I can on marketing through social media for when my husband’s gym get’s going. I really enjoy doing it so I guess I will continue learning about being a solo entrepreneur of helping people with social media and marketing.

That actually works for me because the parts of business ownership that always were most stressful for my family members seemed to center around employees. So my worry was  that everything would fall on my myself or my husband but my online business for at least the beginning would be all  on me and I should be able to handle everything myself till I need to slowly expand my business.

I have been blogging now for over four years and have begun to make money blogging in small amounts so far. As I learn and grow I realize that blogging as a career is the right path for me and I hope that in the coming years I become more successful and I hope the same for any of you bloggers out there. 

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