Why Your Business Should be on Social Media
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Why Your Business Should be on Social Media

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These days, almost every business is on social media. It’s readily accepted that if you have a business…. you are on social media. Sometimes, it’s good to step back and think about the point of it all! Here’s why your business should be on social media.

It can be easy to just claim social media pages for your business on auto-pilot. You know that’s what you’re “supposed” to do.

But…. the best results never come from auto-pilot!

In anything really. If you are taking any sort of action out of obligation, it will never be as effective as it COULD be.

The best results come when you KNOW what the point is.

When you KNOW where you are heading When you KNOW what the goal is.

So let’s dig in and talk about the point of it all.

Why Your Business Should be on Social Media

Why Your Business Should be on Social Media

You may be have heard of a marketing term before – called a “sales funnel.” This is marketing-speak for an actually very simple concept.

This is simply the process of “catching” potential customers and moving them through a process.

In this process, people take these steps: 

  • They are introduced to your business.
  • They become increasingly interested in your business and products.
  • They become customers and purchase from you.

See, not so complicated of a concept – right?

Buying your product (and hopefully re-buying your products as a return customer!) is the end goal.

But we have to start somewhere, and nowadays that’s on social media.

Have you ever found yourself checking out a brand’s social media page, simply because you saw that some of your friends liked it?

You go to that brand’s page and check it out, because there MUST be some reason everyone likes it!

Why Your Business Should be on Social Media

I think about my own experience with the company Stitch Fix.

Have you heard of Stitch Fix before? This is a clothing company that lets you set up a detailed clothing profile, full of your sizing and preferences. You can even link a Pinterest board of styles you like. A personal stylist then selects 5 items that would look great on you and sends it in the mail. You keep (and pay for) what you like.

I had never heard of this company before. I was on Facebook, on one of my friend’s profiles, and saw that she liked Stitch Fix. They had a perfect tagline that caught my attention: “Stitch Fix is the personal style service for men and women that evolves with your tastes, needs and lifestyle.”

My friend liked them so it MUST be interesting, right? I clicked on their Facebook page. I immediately saw the amazing clothing and styles that customers were receiving from them.

Now, it’s important to note that I first checked out Stitch Fix on their FACEBOOK PAGE, not on their website. 

Why? Because I wanted to see what was going on with the company NOW. Not what they put up on their website 3 months ago…. I wanted to see what people were saying about them in real time. I wanted to see the company’s interaction, posts – in real time.

(This is where MOST people start in their journey of learning about a business these days – on social media.)

Why Your Business Should be on Social Media

Back to my Stitch Fix journey….I saw the huge following that they had, which made them trustworthy in my mind. I saw that I could set up a profile for free.

I decided to to ahead and get a shipment and try it out.

I have been a customer ever since.

THIS is the role that social media plays in your marketing.

Now, not all people will turn into buyers as quickly as I did with Stitch Fix, but you get the idea.

The process looks similar to this:

  1. People who have never heard of your brand are on social media. You catch their attention – by having top notch photos, graphics and information up on your page.
  2. You make sure that the information about your company is clear, so that anyone visiting your page knows exactly what you do and how you can help them.
  3. You are there regularly, interacting with your audience and making yourself personable and able to be “known.”
  4. People enjoy your content (and your personality!) and decide to give your product a try. You’ve earned their trust and they decide to go for it.
  5. You then give them a terrific experience in buying and using your product so that they will tell ALL  of their friends on social media.
  6. Their FRIENDS all start out again at #1!

Why Your Business Should be on Social Media

This process is not an immediate, quick win. It is the long-term game of having your business on social media.

People want to KNOW a brand before they buy. And they get to know you through your social media.

Social media is how your business will win in the long run.

You will not only have sales, but you will have a community of people who are loyally on your side. 

Not sure what to post about on your business social media pages? Understandable! Sometimes all you need is some ideas to prime the pump and let your business shine! Check out the Social Media Simplified Membership – where you can have all of your social media planned out FOR you!

Why Your Business Should be on Social Media

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