40 Blogging Tips and Hacks to Grow Your Traffic

 I wanted to give you all the best blogging tips and tricks that I could. To make this easier on you, I broke this post up into different categories of blogging. The first 6 blogging tips are my own personal pieces of advice that I believe in when it comes to blogging. Then I put 4 links to different articles about that topic to give you more information. I hope these 40 blogging tips will help you grow your blog and you learn useful information that will grow your blog.

Gaining traffic

1. one of the best ways to gain traffic to your site is by leaving good high-quality comments on other blogs.

2. I mean don’t just leave oh this is a great post type of comments but read the post and leave good comments that get the reader and their followers to want to visit your site.

3. The key is to build connections with your readers and with other bloggers

4. As a blogger, you will want to make sure you are active on Pinterest. This is such a crucial platform for bloggers because it brings in great traffic. 

5. Participating in linkups. I host a weekly one on my blog with other bloggers and link up my post on other linkups throughout the week.

6. Share other bloggers work often and tag them when you do. Hopefully, they will take notice and choose to share some of your posts a well. 

7.reaching 100,000 page views in less than 6 months

8. How to grow your blog in a year

9.8 blog traffic tips that work

10.5 tricks to triple page views in 3 months

11. Grow your email list to help grow your blog 

Social Media Tips

1.make long pinnable images for Pinterest. They tend to stand out more and get pinned more frequently.

2. Don’t try to be a master of all social media platforms. There are so many and new platforms showing up all the time. Try to just stick with 2 or 3 that do well for you and use the others sparingly. I use mostly Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Then the others only a little bit. 

3. I have had a lot of success with joining Facebook groups about blogging. I’ve met so many bloggers and discovered great blogs this way.

4. respond,respond,respond. Regardless of the platform, you need to answer questions and have conversations with your followers.

5. Joining Pinterest group boards also is a great idea to gain followers and get your pins seen by more people.

6. You get what you give when it comes to social media. So comment, like, repin, +1 other blogger’s work the more you give the more others will return the love. 

7. Give an old post a boost with Pinterest

8. creating a custom pin it button for your blog

9. 16 lessons learned from Facebook groups

10.  Useful programs for scheduling your social media 

11. How to get more shares on Social Media 


1. Write for your ideal reader and not for yourself. You want to attract the types of readers your looking for with your content.

2. If you don’t like writing it though it will come through in your post, so enjoy what you write about. The more you enjoy blogging the more your readers will like reading it. 

3. Use images in your post. If I don’t have a photo I will make an image in Canva, Your readers want something to look at. You can even find good quality stock photos for free or inexpensive to use if photography is not your thing. 

4.  Check you google analytics to see what your most viewed posts are. It may surprise you to see what your readers are really interested in reading and help you figure out what to write about next.

5. Go for longer posts rather than short posts. People tend to like to read longer epic posts less frequently. Than shorter posts more often. Longer posts also tend to get shared more often. 

6.  keep a notebook or list of ideas when they come to you. It will be helpful to turn to when you are stuck on what to post about. I use Evernote on my phone to keep track of mine. 

7. Use an editorial calendar so that you can plan out your content. I plan out 6 weeks to two months in advance. 

8.Pinnable content is useful content 

9.5 ways of making content go viral

10.100+ Blog Post Title templates that grab attention

11. How to repurpose your old content 


1. As I mentioned above I use Google analytics and you can learn so much from setting that up on your blog.  It is so worth it to do and I learn so much having it.

2. Have a newsletter, I’m not great at mine but I’m slowly building a list and I like connecting with my readers through an email to them. I go through mail chimp because they are so simple to learn.

3. You need to be consistent throughout your blog when it comes to colors, fonts and types of images. That way your readers will start to recognize you by your branding. Also it’s much more pleasing to the eyes of your readers. 

4. keep links to your most popular posts on your side bar, it will get people to visit other pages on your blog and lower your bounce rate. 

5. Don’t disappear from your blog for long periods of time. Be there for your readers pretty consistently. Blog about the same number of times a week typically. 

6.read blogs, blogging articles and books to learn all you can about blogging, do your research. Even after four years of blogging I am constantly learning new things and growing as a blogger. 

7. 5 things to watch for in your analytics

8. How to create blog content without getting overwhelmed 

9. How to reduce your bounce rate

10. How to look like a blogging pro 

11.  What to do after you publish a blog post 

Hopefully you find these 40 best blogging tips and tricks to be helpful and that they can inspire you to have a better blogger and help you grow. 

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