5 Blogging Tips for Beginners

I’m in no way a blogging expert. I really don’t even believe that there are blogging experts because there are always changes happening and new things showing up in blogging to learn. It’s impossible to really know it all. Over almost three years of blogging I have learned a lot though and I love sharing my blogging tips and knowledge with you. Becoming a better blogger is my passion and something I’m always working to become better at.  So here are five of the most basic blogging  tips I can share with you to help you become a better blogger.  Hopefully these tips will help you as well.

1. Write about what interests you. Even if that’s a lot of things. I write about a lot of topics because they interest me. If you don’t care about what you are writing about it will come through in your posts and your readers wont care as much. So figure out what you are passionate about,what you care about and write about that.

2. Always be open to learning new things, read blogs about blogging. Read books about it, watch YouTube videos, Google things that you want to learn. There is so much information out there to learn and you wont be able to learn everything. Things are constantly changing and new information is out there. 

Just be open to learning and growing as a blogger. The more you learn and the more open you are to learning the better blogger you will become. I’ve learned more about blogging in the last six months and feel like I have grown as a blogger and enjoy my blog more now then I did in the beginning. 

3. If you want your blog to do better then grow your presence on Social media. The best way to do that is to be active on your social media channels. Don’t just promote yourself because that is a turn off to your followers. Share other bloggers stuff and things you think your followers will be interested in reading or seeing. Engage with other bloggers. Comment on their stuff and like or favorite it. Answer questions. Build relationships so that when they see your posts they are interested in checking them out.

4. Figure out what is unique about you and your blog and try to highlight that so you stand out among the other blogs. There is something special and one of a kind about you and your blog, figure out what that is and share that with people. There might be millions of other bloggers in your niche but there is only one you, so find out what makes you different and special.

5. Focus on your content, not your numbers. I know this isn’t easy but writing good quality content will bring people to your blog so focus on doing that and being the best blogger you can be. Growing a blog following is a marathon not a sprint for sure but with time and hard work you can build up that following. When I started my number was 0 followers just like every other blogger. We all start with no one following us and slowly that grows. Be patient and kind to yourself through this process of growing.

If you have any blogging questions feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I’m happy to help. 

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