The Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions I Get About Blogging

I am a blogger. It’s my job. These two sentences confuse people. They don’t understand what it means to be a blogger, and they don’t understand how that can be my job. Let me try to break it down for you. If you are a blogger, I hope this post will help you clarify what it is you do for people who don’t understand.

1.Why do you blog?

I like to write. I have always loved reading and talking with people. So for me writing a blog has been a natural extension of that. I get to share my thoughts, experiences, stories, wisdom and so on with other people most of whom I’d never get the chance to meet in person. I never really thought of becoming a writer but I have always loved books since I was a child and starting this blog and writing all the time makes me happy. So it’s as simple as that. I blog because I like it.

I also blog because I like helping people and writing posts that solve problems and help people live their best lives. My blog helps me feel connected to my readers and over the past five years has become my passion. 

2. So people actually read your blog, like people you don’t know?

Surprisingly yes they do. I have a small following of individuals who read my blog often, and there are always new people finding my blog and reading it. I hope to keep attracting new people to my blog and sharing my writing and stories with them. It’s amazing that people all over this country and in other countries around the world have the opportunity to read what I write. I don’t have huge numbers but they are getting bigger every month, and hopefully, someday they will be huge.

I am always amazed that my blog gets tens of thousands of views each month. The fact that so many people choose to visit my blog when they are on the internet makes me happy but it is strange because I never thought I would grow to this size when I began blogging.

3. Why would people read your blog?

I don’t think people mean to be rude with this question or ones phrased like it, but it seems a little unkind. Honestly, I don’t know why people care to read my blog. I’m grateful that they do and that I receive such kind and positive comments but I guess they’d have to ask you the readers why you read my blog. I suppose I’d say probably because what my posts about are helpful to them in some way or because they are interested in the same things as I blog.

4. How much time to you spend blogging?

A lot more than you could realize. I am almost always blogging, reading blogs, reading about blogging, watching videos on how to do things, commenting on other blogs. It’s an all the time thing. One that I put boundaries on because if I didn’t it could be too much and overwhelm my life. Luckily I don’t have another job, and my only child is in school most of the day and goes to bed early so I am blessed with lots of time, but most of that is blog related.

Luckily I don’t have another job, and my only child is in school most of the day and goes to bed early so I am blessed with lots of time, but most of that is blog related. It’s something I enjoy doing and I like spending my time blogging or learning about blogging. 

5. What do you blog about?

Ok so the smart ass in me always wants to respond why don’t you read my blog and then you’d know. I don’t say that though because I try not to be a rude person. I fall into the category of lifestyle blogger which means my blog is about a lot of things. The main topics being productivity, home organization, and a few personal posts. I watch the response in blog traffic and comments to see what my readers are enjoying and then try to do more posts on a similar topic. I think more than anything I just like to have the overall theme of living a positive life throughout all my posts.

6. Do you actually make money blogging? 

Again I kind of think it’s a personal question for people to ask me but I’ve been asked quite a bit. It feels a little rude to me I guess because  I just don’t really like discussing money with people unless I bring it up. The answer is yes I do make money with blogging, it’s not a lot, but the longer I keep doing it the amount keeps slowly increasing which is awesome. Hopefully, in the future, I will make a decent living through my blog.

7. How do you make money blogging?

This one is always a hard one to answer because there are a lot of ways to make money blogging ad space, affiliate, sponsored posts, etc. I don’t try to explain all of that to people because if you are a nonblogger that can get confusing. So my typical answer is that companies want people to know about their products and since I have a good following on my blog they pay me to review their product or talk about their store or service.

So there are the questions I get and my answers. If you are a blogger what questions do you get asked?

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