When your blog doesn’t have a niche, is that a problem?


What if your blog doesn’t have a niche? 

But do you really need a niche?

I even mentioned it before, and bloggers and blog gurus would often advise, ‘‘choose your niche’’.

This blog is my second attempt, the first one didn’t have a niche, it was purely experimental. This blog doesn’t have a niche too.

What is exactly a niche blog?

A niche blog is creating a blog for the purpose of marketing a particular niche market.

When I was starting I didn’t pay attention to it, whether I focus on one topic (having a niche blog), or write random topics. Not focusing on one topic is one of the best decisions I ever made so far. 

If you’re still at home, on your laptop or with your notebook trying to come up with a domain name and a niche, then you’re wasting your time.

Planning for a blog is really recommended, but devoting a lot of time to it instead of realising your plans is totally a time-eater. 

Some would consider choosing a niche blog because it would provide them with a fat monthly income. Not bad. Some bloggers would want to monetize from their blogs, including me.

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If you have a niche blog, and it’s getting pretty good and you’re not running out of thoughts and posts to publish, that’s really awesome. 

When my blog was a year old, mind you, I had thoughts to niche down but decided against it.

I don’t have to, and if you have a blog who doesn’t have a niche too, keep going, you can manage it like other bloggers who don’t even have niche blogs.

I don’t have a niche. I have heard it a lot of times.

If you noticed my blog before, it simply describes my random mind with its tagline Heal Thy Lifestyle, (but then I changed it a lot of times), in which I also imply it’s also about health and lifestyle. 

So when you think your blog doesn’t have a niche and you’re thinking of creating a new blog, why would you do such an extent when you can make good out of it too?

Yes, you can! And let me make you realize you don’t need to create a new blog or niche down if you don’t want to.

There are reasons why it is okay to have a niche-less blog. One of these is not running out of ideas on what to write. 

Imagine creating a recipe book with eggs only for the rest of your life. You would be thrilled of researching more about it in the early days of blogging, but anytime soon you would definitely run out of ideas. 

You can only rewrite your old posts or allow bloggers to guest post on your blog. 

Writing about a single subject on my blog is simply unimaginable to me and I hated it. Aside from not liking it, I also find it boring and some readers would not like it if they read the same topic over and over again.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have against blogs with niche, in fact, I appreciate it and salute the author and owner who pull it off with a singled-topic blog.

I am not just sure if I could even bring it off in the coming months or years, having a blog with a focused niche. 

As I mentioned above, I always have random thoughts, they just pop up every day, and they consist of different topics. I have even articles I have started already which I have not yet finished writing. So having a non-niche blog has really its advantage. 

My blog might be all over the place with different topics and subjects, but hey, what’s the use of categories by the way?

Having a non-niche blog has its disadvantages too, of course, but we shouldn’t focus on that one here. It’s already enough to know that it’s hard to monetize this kind of blog by the way. But blogging doesn’t have to be only about money, it has to be fun too.

Sharing my thoughts was one of the reasons I started blogging. It sounds too personal but I try my best not to share a lot about my private life, like how I look like when I take a selfie and the phone freezes. 


Competition is high – especially for niche blogs.

Another reason why I don’t regret having this non-niche blog is that competition is high and real. It is the advice of every blogging experts and gurus who I know and heard, to choose your niche. When they say that, people believe them. They have the right to say that and almost everyone who is in blogging business or field will say, it’s better to have a niche for your blog.

But what if you started it wrong, and you think you have a niche, but you can’t stop thinking about other topics and writing about them? And the end result is having different articles and topics on your blog. 

Chances are, you have to make the best out of it! Don’t delete it. That’s a waste of time and effort. But if you decide to shift to a niche blog, you can buy a new domain (according to your chosen niche) and reroute it. Yet, I hope, we wouldn’t come this far. 

Some niche blogs that are very in-demand in the market with high-competency are health and fitness, making money and web-hosting. I started with a health niche, but I don’t want to focus on it solely, thus, my blog became a niche-less blog. 

There are millions of blogs as of 2019, among them are niche blogs too. How can we even compete with these blogs? It is possible, but there’s a slim chance to have a blog like SmartBlogger or ShoutMeLoud unless you drive thousands of loyal organic audience into your site every single month. 

I am not discouraging you by saying this. Competing with these famous blogs is really possible but you have to double or triple your effort to achieve what they reach. 

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When your blog doesn’t have a niche, is that a problem?

No, it’s not even a problem if your blog doesn’t have a niche or you have a niche-less blog, but it doesn’t also mean that you won’t face difficulties along the way. Yet, I find it easier to handle a niche-less blog than to write about the same topics over and over again until I bore myself to death. 

Whatever type of blog you have right now, niche-less or with niche, it can be a success as long as you put more effort into it. 

But be careful though about posting topics that don’t really relate to other topics unless you have them categorized. 

What I mean is, if you write about lifestyle topics, like ”What keeps you busy every day”, mentioning the products you are using, and then on the other day, you publish a blog post with a title, ”Top 10 Creepy Places You Shouldn’t Visit”.

You can publish such posts if you can rename the title and make it more appealing to readers or personal if your blog is something about you and you have loyal readers who are always delighted about every article you posted.

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