5 Best Things To Do When You Suffer From Blog Burnout (which make you blog over and over again)

Aside from the things that you realized which you should have learned before blogging, blog burnout adds insult to the injury.

For some, blogging can be a piece of cake, but blog burnout is still a bitter pill to swallow.

Don’t sweat it, I’m going to spill the beans, and share 5 best things to do when you suffer from blog burnout plus other bloggers also tell it all on how they cope with a blogging burnout.

What is burnout in the first place? Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress, according to Help Guide.

Before I impart these methods to help you cope with blog burnout, I want you to think of the reasons why you’re blogging and what’s your blogging vision.

What you have just done is already another way of coping burnout. I think of one saying which is very common and applicable to every situation. “Before you give up, remember why you started.†― Hunter X Hunter

So enough with all this blubber, we’ll go straight to the main subject now, and know these 5 best things to do when you suffer from blog burnout.

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The best management tips to deal with blog burnout:

·     Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

I know, blogging is not that easy. I’ve been saying that over and over again and I couldn’t stress it enough. Then we often put too much pressure on ourselves especially if we’re trying to reach our goals and it seems quite impossible to achieve them.

How can we even avoid putting too much pressure on ourselves?

Acceptance. Admit that we’re not superhuman, we make mistakes and that’s normal. You might not agree with it, maybe you have to lower your expectation for a bit. Instead of getting frustrated, why don’t we focus on things that we have accomplished and we enjoy doing, like what Julia said from Eclectic Being, ‘‘I get super frustrated and burnt out when I get low views on my webpage after working hard for SEO. One way I deal with this is to focus on posts that I enjoy writing and sharing for the fun of reliving my memories instead of views.’’

·      Plan

We all know it, you’ve experienced it, blogging can be so overwhelming. We don’t only write for our blog post, but we have to promote it in every social media platform which we are a member of. Without planning and proper structuring, it could be a catastrophe. This is exactly why I use my traditional method of planning, using, of course, a pen and my own designed planner. Aside from that, it makes me more creative and I don’t need to buy for a tool subscription for my blogging and social media managing. Click on the photo to purchase it.

blog planner for blogging as one of the best side hustles for women

If you have burnout syndrome particularly from blogging, but you don’t want to neglect your blog even for a while, what you can do is review your planner list and do the things related to blogging which you feel like doing and completing.

·     Change your location

You don’t want to stop writing and blogging, but you don’t find the inspiration and energy to continue with the task? Try to change your working or blogging space. If you are used to sitting in a corner, with your desk and laptop, why don’t you transfer your desk in a room where it meets the light, wherein you can view the lake, your garden or your waving trees.

Alternatively, you go to a café which I love to do the most or go to a park, with or without your laptop, but make sure you have your pen and a paper, or a planner, (like my planner! )

You may not like changing your location, but maybe you can improve it. You can change your grey wall and turn it to a colour which improves your creativity in you like blue, yellow, orange or purple. You can also add some decorations and make your desk more personal and the surrounding areas. You can hang an abstract wall art like this or wall art with inspirational quotes to inspire you every day like this one. Additionally, you can still add this wall decor with hanging photos to provide a more personal touch in your working area.

best thing to do when you have blogging burnout

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

·     Relax

This is my best method to cope with burnout from blogging. If I’m frustrated, mentally and emotionally drained from everything which involves blogging, I stop what I am doing, get away from it all and just relax. Taking a break and relaxing gives me more energy and inspiration to continue where I quit.

That’s why I didn’t wonder anymore to hear other bloggers’ opinion about this topic.

‘‘I try out a relaxing activity. By being mindful of my current feelings/emotions/stress levels, I’m able to avoid/keep blogging burnout at a minimal.’’– From https://datechristiansingles.net/

And I like this idea of Ingrid from Fabulous and Fun Life blog, ‘‘When I first start feeling blogging burnout I try to go back to blogging tasks that give me the most pleasure such as writing about a favourite topic that I’m passionate about. If I continue to feel blogging burnout then I step away from my blog for a day, a week or a fortnight to have a break and recharge until I’m feeling better again.’’

Travel sounds so splendid too, I agree with Riana from Tea Spoon of Adventure blog, â€˜â€˜For me, it’s not so much the writing that burns me out but it’s all the other tasks like promotion, formatting, creating graphics, etc. So when I get burnt out on those tasks, I just give myself a break. The reason I blog is because I love writing and sharing my travels. So I go back to what I love. I let myself just enjoy the writing and pause the other tasks. At the end of the day, my blog is something that brings me joy and I never want to lose that.’’

I couldn’t agree more with Eilidh Horder from https://eilidhhorder.com/

 â€˜â€˜Give myself a break. If I’ve not accomplished everything I had hoped to, remember that it doesn’t actually matter. Celebrate the small wins. Remind myself how far I’ve come rather than concentrating on everything I haven’t yet done. If I’ve just not got time to blog and am feeling bad about it, schedule an hour to actually do some writing and stick with it, no other distractions. Also plan a date (the next day or a couple of days later) when I’ll finish and post that particular article. Then get on with ‘life’ in the knowledge that my blogging time will come. (Sorry if this is more than ‘one’ thing! Happy blogging!)’’

If you don’t want a simple break of a day or two, make it a long hiatus and travel like what has TJ from www.tjbanski.com  suggested, ‘‘I travel. Experience new things to write about feelings and scenery. It normally helps!’’

I love this idea from Michelle of The Perfectly Imperfect Mummy blog, just write what you want to write, ‘‘When I am feeling burnt out, I make sure I take a break for a day or two and then I return to the roots of blogging, not marketing, not pinning, not writing newsletters but writing from the heart. Writing what I want to write about, not what will get me more views or affiliate sales.’’

·     Focus

Sometimes what drives me to burnout is when I feel I have a lot to do and have the urge to do many things at the same time. For some, who are very flexible can achieve it, even I can do many things at the same time, but I also reach my limit. If you have difficulty to do a lot of things at a time, try to limit these activities, aim at only one, spend your energy and attention on it, like what Clara does from Petite Capsule blog, ‘‘Just focusing on the next task, instead of everything on the to do list.’’

Prioritizing works in blogging and other tasks like what Rachel from Creators of Coffee said,

‘‘I find my blogging to-do list overwhelming at times – there are never enough hours in the day. One strategy I have found effective to deal with blogging burnout is to keep my weekly to-do list small and goal oriented. I keep the full list of things to do on one list and then spend some time at the start of each week reviewing and prioritising the tasks. I then select just a few things each day to complete. Trello is a great tool to use to make this process easier. By focusing only on the daily tasks I have committed to, and knowing I have captured everything else in a different list, reduces stress and helps me be more productive.’’

You might love blogging or writing posts but you’re not adept in doing other tasks such as managing and marketing, and that inability in certain areas usually leads to loss of interests which often be read as or lead to burnout.

In that case, you can focus on things you enjoy the most doing and hire someone like VA to do these things you don’t enjoy like what Sophie Marie recommended from Lifestyle Queensland blog,

‘‘Outsource jobs you don’t enjoy! There are a lot of different aspects to blogging and therefore there’s bound to be some jobs that you don’t like doing. If you’re treating your blog as a business, and are already making money or intend to soon, don’t be afraid to pay someone to do the parts you find boring or difficult. Outsourcing means most of the blogging tasks I have are things I genuinely enjoy doing and I’m much less likely to become overwhelmed.’’

5 best things to do when you suffer from blog burnout

Maybe blogging itself saves you from burnout like what blogging does to Monidipa from https://withlovemoni.com/, ‘‘Blogging for me is relaxing actually. I blog to relax, to escape from my extreme busy schedule. I believe, when you love something it never tires you.’’

If you have more ideas and tips to fight off blogging burnout, you can surely share them by commenting below and helping others cope with blogging burnout.

Happy Blogging!

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