100+ Best Travel Blog Name Ideas (Some You Can Use!)

Coming up with travel blog name ideas can block you from starting your blog. So I’m here to move that obstacle out of the way!

When I started my travel blog several years ago, I wasted a lot of time and energy just trying to come up with a name. Since then, I’ve started three more blogs, sold one blog, and made a living as a professional copywriter—so trust me when I say I know a thing or two about naming things.

In this blog post, I will give you:

  • 46 real-life examples of the best travel blog names
  • 14 free formulas you can use to come up with your travel blog name
  • 63 UNUSED travel blog name ideas that you can use!
  • 3 free tools you can use to generate blog names
  • And a list of more than 1,000 travel-related words you can use to jumpstart your creativity!

Let’s dive in!

15 Best Travel Blog Names (Real-Life Examples)

These are some of the best travel blog names that inspire me. They are REAL-LIFE blogs, so please don’t use these names, as they’re already taken.

  1. The Everywhereist
  2. Gastronomad
  3. Gabby Goes Global
  4. She Dreams of Travel
  5. Never Ending Footsteps
  6. Frank About Croatia – Extra clever because of the play on words. Frank is the blogger’s name. Frank also means “honest.”
  7. Alex in Wanderland
  8. Helene in Between
  9. Vagabrothers
  10. World of Wanderlust
  11. Jessie on a Journey
  12. Jen on a Jet Plane
  13. To Europe and Beyond
  14. A Lady in London
  15. Pack Your Passport

I give even MORE real-life examples of best travel blog names below!

14 Formulas You Can Use to Come Up With Travel Blog Name Ideas

**NOTE** At the time of publication (July 15, 2020), the domains indicated below were available. Feel free to use any of them—but check first to make sure they’re still available!

Formula #1: [Noun] & [Noun]

Formula 1 is perhaps the easiest one to come up with travel blog name ideas for. That’s because you simply make a list of words associated with your travel blog topics and see how many combinations you can make with them. This formula also tends to have that “hipster” feel a la Frank and Oak and Pop & Bottle.

Real-life Examples:

  • Adventures & Sunsets
  • Camels & Chocolate
  • Atlas & Boots

Travel Blog Name Ideas I Came Up With Using Formula #1:

You’re free to use any of these below for your travel blog name! Please just CLICK the name to check if the domain is still available.

  1. Cocktails & Croissants
  2. Backpacks & Snacks
  3. Siestas & Sunshine
  4. Fiestas & Food
  5. Passports & Memories
  6. Airports & Passports
  7. Stories & Sunsets
  8. Backroads & Memories
  9. Java & Journey
  10. Java & Jet Lag
  11. Miles & Maps
  12. Airports & Backroads
  13. Sunshine & Wine

Formula #2: [Adjective] + [Your first name]

This one is another easy formula because you’ve already got half of it (your name) figured out!

Now, when you’re using this formula, keep in mind that your first name will always be associated with it. That means if you plan on selling your travel blog later, this might cause some issues with the new owner (though it doesn’t rule out ever selling your blog).

Real-life Examples

  • Nomadic Matt
  • Wandering Earl
  • Adventurous Kate

Formula #3: [Adjective] + [Noun]

If you don’t want your first name in your travel blog domain, this is a great formula to use! With only two words, it’s short and easy to remember.

Real-life Examples:

  • Legal Nomads
  • Practical Wanderlust
  • Budget Traveller

Travel Blog Name Ideas I Came Up With Using Formula #3:

You’re free to use any of these below for your travel blog name! Please just CLICK the name to check if the domain is still available.

  1. Thrifty Journeys
  2. Feisty Traveler
  3. Vagabonding Vegan
  4. Rambling Homebody
  5. Peripatetic Academic
  6. Wayfaring Warrior
  7. Offbeat Jetsetter
  8. Hungry Vagabond
  9. Eco-friendly Expat
  10. The Somewhere List
  11. Meandering Minimalist
  12. Humble Expat
  13. Literary Expat
  14. Bookish Tourist
  15. Fearful Wanderer
  16. Cultured Hobo
  17. Well-Read Wanderer

Formula #4: The [noun ending in -ist]

Formula 4 is fun because you get to make up a word! But, since you’re only adding “-ist” to the end of an existing word, it’s very easy to come up with ideas.

Real-life Examples:

  • The Everywhereist
  • The Anywhereist
  • The Adventurist

Travel Blog Name Ideas I Came Up With Using Formula #4:

You’re free to use any of these below for your travel blog name! Please just CLICK the name to check if the domain is still available.

  1. The Backpackist
  2. The Daydreamist
  3. The Jetsetterist
  4. The Passportist
  5. The Railroadist
  6. The Overlandist

Formula #5: [Your first name/Noun] + [Adverb]

Another simple formula to use. Just plug in your first name (or a noun) and choose an adverb from the list below (scroll down), and you’re done!

Real-life Examples:

  • Anna Everywhere
  • The Blonde Abroad

Formula #6: Alliteration

Alliteration (where the first letter or sound of each word is the same) is always a big hit! It’s pleasing to the ear and easy to remember.

Real-life Examples:

  • Passion and a Passport
  • Mishvo in Motion
  • Time Travel Turtle
  • Global Grasshoppers

Travel Blog Name Ideas I Came Up With Using Formula #6:

You’re free to use any of these below for your travel blog name! Please just CLICK the name to check if the domain is still available.

  1. Van Life Vibes
  2. This Nomad Knows
  3. Nomad in the Know
  4. Someplace Sunny
  5. Total Travel Talk
  6. Chasing Warm Weather
  7. She Seeks Sunshine

Formula #7: [Your Name/Noun] in [City/Country/Region]

If you plan to blog about a particular city, country, or region, it’s a great idea to use formula #7. This blog name formula lets your readers instantly know what kind of topics to expect.

However, be sure not to pigeonhole yourself here. What if you include Armenia in your blog name because you’re living there to study for two years, but then you move again to a different country? Sure, you can always change the blog name; it’s just a hassle.

Real-life Examples:

  • A Lady in London
  • The American in Paris
  • Stacy in Spain

Formula #8: [City/Country/Region] + [Noun/Adverb]

Another great formula if you plan to blog about a specific area. Plus, you don’t even have to involve your name.

Real-life Examples: Sofia Adventures (Sofia, as in the capital of Bulgaria), Croatia Honestly

Formula #9: Take two words related to your travel blog topics and combine them to create a new word

Formula #9 is the most advanced in this list. That’s because, since you’re making up an entirely new word, it involves extra creativity. Also, again, because it’s a made-up word, it might be difficult for people to spell or remember.

That being said, it’s super creative and will impress a lot of people! It will also be totally unique, since you’ll have made the word up yourself.

Real-life examples:

  • Gastronomad (gastronomy + nomad)
  • Vagabrothers (vagabond + brothers)

Travel Blog Name Ideas I Came Up With Using Formula 10:

You’re free to use any of these below for your travel blog name! Please just CLICK the name to check if the domain is still available.

  1. Ecohobo (eco-friendly + hobo)
  2. Environomad (environment + nomad)
  3. Ecowayfarer (eco-friendly + wayfarer)
  4. Gastrohobo (gastronomy + hobo)

Formula #10: This + [Adjective] + [Noun]

I like the rhythm of this formula. It sounds nice and flows easily.

Real-life Examples:

  • This Croatian Life
  • This Battered Suitcase

Travel Blog Name Ideas I Came Up With Using Formula #10:

You’re free to use any of these below for your travel blog name! Please just CLICK the name to check if the domain is still available.

  1. This Roving Heart
  2. This Wayfaring Soul
  3. This Tattered Passport
  4. This Busted Backpack
  5. This Nomad Lifestyle
  6. This Brimming Notebook
  7. This Bustling City

Formula #11: Play on words using a popular title

Formula #11 is another challenging one because you have to get clever if you want to create a play on words that people understand. However, I do not recommend this formula for most people because it might create some copyright infringement issues **I AM NOT A LAWYER, so I can’t give advice here.**

Real-life examples:

  • Flora the Explorer (from the children’s show “Dora the Explorer”)
  • Indiana Jo (referring to the Harrison Ford movie “Indiana Jones”)
  • Alex in Wanderland (referring to the film Alice in Wonderland, which is based on the book series of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)

Formula #12: [Non-English word] + [English word]

This is a fun formula if you speak more than one language! You can use one word in your non-English language to include in your travel blog name. This really only makes sense if you plan to write about the country/culture of that language. For example, in the blog C’est Christine, the blog owner owner studied French in Nice, France, hence the French word “C’est” meaning “It’s.”

A word of warning if you use this formula: It may create confusion for English speakers who don’t know the foreign word. It might make it difficult for them to find your blog if they don’t know how to spell the word.

Real-life examples:

  • C’est Christine
  • NomadicChica
  • The Mochilera Diaries

Formula #13: She/He/They/We + [Present tense verb] + [adverb/adjective]

Real-life example: She Flies Solo

Travel Blog Name Ideas I Came Up With Using Formula #13:

You’re free to use any of these below for your travel blog name! Please just CLICK the name to check if the domain is still available.

  1. She Lives Dangerously
  2. She Lives Limitless
  3. He Lives Limitless
  4. He Dreams Big
  5. He Goes Solo
  6. She Journeys Solo
  7. She Goes By Sea
  8. They Live Limitless
  9. We Wander Freely

Formula #14: Your First and Last Name!

*Gasp* I know, sooo original. But if you are a professional writer or photographer, plan on building a “personal brand,” or plan on becoming a travel influencer, it’s a good idea to blog under your first and last name.

Real-life examples:

  • RickSteves.com – Well, we all know him! He has built a strong personal brand around his first and last name, so it makes sense that his website is the same.
  • KenKaminesky.com – He’s a travel photographer, so to get hired, it’s wise to make his name known.
  • Sabrina-Andrea-Sachs.com – She’s a freelance writer and advertises her services on her travel blog.

3 FREE Online Tools to Help You Generate Travel Blog Name Ideas

  • Touch of Technology’s String Combination Tool – This tool is great to use with formulas 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10. Simply create TWO lists of words you’d like to combine (for instance, List #1 is Adjectives and List #2 is Nouns) and paste them into two separate columns with EACH word on a DIFFERENT line. Then click “Put List A First” and voila! You’ll get a list of EVERY possible combination of those words.
  • RhymeZone – Blog names that rhyme are easier to remember! If you’re trying to find words that rhyme with your name, for example, type it into this tool, and it’ll generate rhyming words for you.
  • Poem Generator’s Alliteration Tool – Use this tool with formula #6. It will come up with lots of words that “alliterate” (have the same beginning sound) with the word you give it.

1000+ Travel-Related Words to Help You Brainstorm Your Travel Blog Name

Below is a list of 1,000+ mostly travel-related words—grouped by adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and verbs—that you can use to generate travel blog name ideas.

Try plugging these in to all 14 formulas we went over above! And use the online tools too. Have fun!


A: Amazing, awesome, adventurous, accidental, active, adrift, aegean, afloat, African, Asian, American, aglow, alluring, animated, apt, arctic, ardent, average, avid, amusing, ample

B: Beautiful, better, big, blissful, basic, breezy, best, brazen, bold, brave

C: Clever, curious, careful, cautious, crazy, creative, careful, caring, cheap, chipper, coy, comic, cute, cultured

D: Delightful, delicious, dangerous, dainty, dazzling, daring, devoted, dreamy, dynamic

E: Extravagant, extreme, epic, easy, eccentric, eclectic, eager, eco-friendly, environmental, edgy

F: Fruitful, free, fresh, faithful, fair, fearful, fiery, flourishing, friendly, foreign

G: Gorgeous, grand, great, graceful, gracious, grateful, gutsy, giddy, gone

H: Helpful, hopeful, heavy, happy, handsome, honest, hungry, hidden, humorous, humble

I: Interesting, intrepid, intrigued, idle, imaginary, indigo, ironic, inspiring, idle, incognito, inside, inner, illusive, itinerant

J: Joyful, jealous, jetsetting, jaded, jaunty

K: Knowledgeable, knowing, keen, kind, kooky

L: Lazy, lovely, lavish, laughing, loving, loyal, lucky, local, lost, literary

M: Magnificent, mega, metro, major, manly, mellow, meek, meaningful, merry, modest, moody, musical, modern, meandering

N: Nifty, nice, neat, never-ending, notorious, native, natural,

O: One-way, observant, obvious, overboard, odd, offbeat, opinionated, orderly, organized, older, overland, overseas

P: Peripatetic, pretty, packed, petite, poetic, positive, primal, proven, prudent, peaceful, picky, profound, proper, pure

Q: Quirky, quick, qualified, quality, quaint

R: Risky, rambunctious, rambling, rare, rapid, reckless, real, retro, retired, ritzy, radiant, rebellious, refined, reckless, rosy, roaming, roving, restless, rural

S: Sly, special, spectacular, smart, savvy, salty, sassy, shiny, smiling, soaring, starstruck, saucy, serene, sunny, sweet, suburban

T: Traveling, tricky, techie, tiny, teetering, total, tactical, trusty, trusted, tactful, tall, tan, thankful, thrilled, thriving, thrifty

U: Unbelievable, untethered, unlimited, unique, unsettled, urban

V: Voyaging, vast, vivid, vital

W: Wandering, wayfaring, warm, wonderful, worthy

Y: Young, youthful,

Z: Zany, zealous, zippy


A: Abroad, away, ahead, afield, amazingly, adoringly, above, absolutely, afar, always, apart, ashore

B: Beautifully, bashfully, beyond, by land, by sea, bravely

C: Curiously, calmly, creatively

D: Daringly, daily

E: Early, eagerly, elsewhere, else, ever after

F: Fast, fearlessly, forward, fully, further

G: Gladly, globally

H: Happily, higher, home

I: Inside, indoors, ideally, intently

J: Just, joyfully

K: Kindly, keenly

L: Lovingly

M: Madly, maybe

N: Naturally, naively, next, neatly, north, normally

O: Oddly, obviously, onshore, overly, overland, overseas

P: Part-time, partly

Q: Quite, quaintly

R: Radiantly, rarely, remotely

S: Safely, smartly, skywards, slowly, swiftly

T: Too, truly, today, tomorrow

U: Untethered, unmoored, unanchored, up, usually

V: Vastly, very

W: Warmly, wildly, within

Y: Yesterday, yet, yonder


A: Adventure, amateur, airport, airplane, action, arrivals, acrobat, aficionado, academic, affinity, artisan, artist, attitude, avenue

B: Bags, baggage, backpack, backpacker, bus, backroad, boat, beer, brew, beach, backyard, ballad, band, bandit, beginner, bird, blonde, book, bridge, buzz, beat, border

C: Car, camper, check-in, capital, card, center, challenge, chance, choice, chronicle, coffee, community, cost, couple, credit, customer, concourse, customs, culture, cruise

D: Departures, dream, daydream, desire, diaries, dabbler, dance, diving, door, dusk, dweller

E: Enthusiast, expat, eagle, edge, end, earth, event, era, effect, enjoyment, exit

F: Food, foodie, ferry, fan, fanatic, fantasy, face, family, feet, fire, force, future, foreigners

G: Gate, goals, globe, globetrotter, grace, gallery, game, gear, genius, girl, glamour, gold, ground, growth, guide, guy

H: Hobo, heart, habit, habitat, hybrid, house, home, handbook, health, hero, hint, hipster, holder, hospitality, human

I: Itinerary, idea, island, immigration, illusion, impulse

J: Job, jet-setter, junkie, journal, jet lag, jargon, java, journey

K: Knapsack, knowledge, kayak, keeper, keepsake, kingdom, kitchen, kiss, knockout, klutz, koala,

L: Luggage, lover, log, lady, landscape, league, letter, life, light, list, location, luck

M: Money, miles, magazine, meetings, machine, mail, man, map, market, meal, media, memory, method, mind, mission, mom, motion, movement, music, museum, minimalist

N: Nomad, notes, notebook, nature, newcomer, notion

O: Office, oasis, observer, ocean, occupant, odyssey

P: Passport, passenger, passion, person, people, parks, perks, palace, peace, palms, passage, paycheck, paper, pilgrim, place, propeller, pub, puzzle

Q: Quest, question

R: Road, rails, railroad, radio, rabbit, reader, record, region, report, resort, review, risk, river, route, rule, RV

S: Suitcase, sky, schedule, sailboat, sea, shore, secret, siesta, snack, solitude, souvenir, space, spark, sparkle, sprig, spree, starlight, streak, stream, sunset, sunrise, sunlight, sunshine, surge, surfing

T: Ticket, travel, traveler, trolley, timeline, tourist, tourism, train, tea, takeoff, taste, team, tide, triumph, trailer, trek

U: Umbrella, upgrade, upside, undertow

V: Vacation, voyage, vagabond, visitor, valley, value, variety, vegan, venture, victory, village, volunteer, van, visa

W: World, wanderer, worker, wanderlust, wrangler, water, waterfront, weekend, wellbeing, woman

Y: Youth, yuppie, yacht, year, yard

Z: Zone, zeal


A: Amble, access, abandon, act, accept, admire, adore, afford, arrive,

B: Believe, bet, babble, blend, bless, blur, bound, break, brighten, build, bundle, browse, burst, bust, buzz, buy

C: catch, create, call, calm, captivate, capture, care, careen, caress, celebrate, chase, chat, check, cheer, cherish, chill, choose, collide, commit, count, cost, crack, crush, cut, cure

D: Dream, desire, defy, daydream, dabble, dance, dare, dash, dazzle, deal, dedicate, delight, demand, dine, dip

E: Eat, excel, edit, educate, earn, ease, end, enjoy, enter, escape, evolve, exist, exit, expand, exceed

F: Find, fly, fall, forget, free, fix, feel, fetch, fight, flee, flip, flutter, forge, frolic

G: Galivant, globetrot, get, gather, give, glean, glimpse, glow, guess

H: Hop, help, hack, hold, hurry, hug

I: Imagine, ignite, inspire, instill,

J: Jaunt, jump, journey, joyride

K: Keep, kiss, kindle, knock, know, kick,

L: leap, love, like, live, lose, land, lay, leave, liberate, lighten, listen, let, laugh, limit, lend

M: meet, make, miss, manage, mark, match, measure, melt, migrate, mix, move, magnify, munch

N: Navigate, near, nab, need, nest, nourish, name, note

O: Open, observe, offer, outlast, outline, overcome, own, owe, outwit, overturn, outrun, opt

P: Peruse, pretend, peer, pack, push, pull, pass, pave, peek, perfect, picture, photograph, pay, pick, pilot, play, ponder, prevail, propel, pursue

Q: Quell, quiet, quicken, question

R: Rebel, revel, revere, ride, raise, ramble, race, recapture, record, rediscover, read, rebuild, rest, risk, rush

S: Say, sit, stand, strive, sail, save, scale, see, smell, send, settle, shine, show, smile, stay, swim, stumble, start

T: Travel, tour, try, talk, tame, take, taste, tell, tend, test, think, throw, thrive, teeter, trace, trade, treat, trust, treasure,

U: Uplevel, upend, use, unbox, undo, uncover, unearth, unfold, unify, unleash, unpack, uproot, urge, unwind, uncork

V: Visit, veer, value, vanish, view, voyage

W: Wander, wonder, weave, walk, wake, wait, want, welcome, whisk, wrangle, write, work, wish, win

Final Tips on Coming Up With the Best Travel Blog Name

  • Short is always better than long. The longer your blog name is, the tougher it will be for anyone to remember! Just imagine you’ve met a fellow tourist while traveling, and they wanna check out your travel blog. You don’t have anything to write it down with, so you just verbally tell them the domain name. Will they remember it tomorrow?

    I recommend keeping your blog domain name to around 20 characters (not including www. and .com) and no more than 6 syllables.
  • Do not use hyphens. Hyphens are annoying and will almost guarantee that people won’t type your domain name correctly. Leave hyphens out of your domain name.
  • You CAN always change it later! Breathe easy, because even if you change your mind, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR DOMAIN LATER. So just pick one now to get your blog started. If you keep going back and forth over your travel blog name, you’ll never start a travel blog. Just pick one!

Did You Come Up With the Perfect Travel Blog Name? Buy That Domain!

Okay, by now, we’ve gone over:

  • 46 real-life examples of the best travel blog names
  • 14 formulas to brainstorm ideas
  • 3 free online tools to generate travel blog name ideas
  • 63 available travel blog names you can steal
  • 1000+ words related to travel you can use to create your perfect name

So by now, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have at least ONE great domain name. And if so, you should buy that domain name NOW before someone else does!

Buy your domain name on SiteGround now (the web host that I use and love), and then buy your hosting so you can start your travel blog today!

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