7 Best SEO Courses for Bloggers in 2024 (Comprehensive-Basic)

Learning proper SEO is the single most important thing every blogger should do to ensure long-term blog growth. Great SEO Courses for Bloggers will teach you all the tips and strategies you should be implementing to give your blog the best chances of ranking on page one in Google.

If you came across thins article, then chances are you already know what SEO is and why it is crucial you learn about it as soon as possible. But, just in case you don’t read on…

What is SEO? 

Best SEO courses for Google optimization

SEO is by far one of the most important aspects of running a successful blog or website.

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is the action of improving, increasing, and optimizing the quality and quantity of your blog/website’s traffic through organic search engine results.

When you search for anything on Google, the first search results you see happen as a behind-the-scenes selection process Google does from their end to you give you (the reader) the best results possible.

As a blog owner, abiding by some of these parameters can ensure you also place higher in organic search results as your blog grows.

Why is SEO important?

With the proper SEO training and implementing the acquired strategies, you have the potential to receive SEO traffic that can last for years to come, with little work from your end, unlike other platforms (such as Pinterest).

Most importantly, visitors that come to your blog from targeted keyword queries from Google, are much more likely to buy or convert. Hence, increasing your chances at more blogging revenue (through ads, affiliate or product income, email subscribers, etc.).

In addition, organic traffic, especially Google traffic, is more consistent, sustainable, and more passive than other platforms.

With that said, all eggs should NOT be placed in the same basket and that is why some of these great SEO courses for bloggers have also integrated Pinterest SEO to the mix.

Popular SEO Courses vs Best SEO Courses for Bloggers

Most popular SEO courses are geared towards website businesses, and internet marketers. Some even offer an SEO certification.

They also tend to be way too expensive and far too technical which is not what bloggers are looking for.

The majorly of bloggers don’t have a technical background and they are looking for something that can teach them SEO in plain English and that won’t cost them a month worth of rent/or mortgage.

So, opting for an SEO course crafted from bloggers to bloggers is the best case scenario to learn SEO strategically and from a blogger’s approach.

Why Invest in an SEO Course for Blogger?

Short answer… learning SEO will teach you how to structure your website and content to rank on Page #1 on Google search results when someone searches a particular keyword query. Ranking for multiple keywords in your niche will grant limitless organic traffic to your blog which translates to well… a boost in your blog income. The higher your traffic, the higher your blogging revenue!

From personal experience… The biggest regret of my blogging journey was not investing in a powerhouse blogging SEO course for bloggers earlier.

My SEO knowledge was limited by self-taught strategies and free SEO information I had gathered along the way.

But it wasn’t until I invested in a top of the line SEO course (specifically for bloggers) that I didn’t have an “aha” moment.

It was only after making that investment that I had realized how much time I had wasted.

Had I known how to implement SEO from the very beginning I would have saved myself a lot of time and would have been further along in my financial goals.

In other words, had I invested in my learning earlier, that investment would have paid for itself a hundred-fold thereafter.

How to Choose the best SEO Training for you?

The SEO blogging course you choose should align with your needs, current knowledge base, and budget.

All of the following SEO courses will teach you SEO and traffic strategies, BUT they all have a different approach.

Here is a break down of the following 7 SEO resources we will cover today, so that it can help narrow down what you might be looking for:

  • Stupid Simple SEO 2.0 (Course): In-depth, step-by-step Google SEO Training
  • Adventures in SEO (Course): Pinterest and Google
  • Ready Set Blog Traffic (Course): Pinterest and Google
  • Traffic Transformation Guide (Course): General SEO strategies
  • Easy Backlinks (eBook): Backlinks
  • Easy On-Page SEO for Beginners & Intermediates (eBook): On-Page SEO (SEO for blog posts)
  • Blog Analytics (eCourse): Setting up and using Google Analytics and Search Console

If you already know how to use Pinterest to bring traffic to your blog, then focusing on a course which reinforces Google SEO will be ideal for you.

If you would like a merge of SEO training focusing on both Pinterest and Google then consider courses 2 and 3.

Lastly, if all you need to learn is specific SEO strategies such as “how to build backlinks” or “navigating Google Analytics and Google Console”, then consider one of the resources in the “Basic SEO Training” section of this article.

Note: If you are brand new to Pinterest and don’t know Pinterest basics you should consider opting for a Pinterest Course for Bloggers separately. Learning from scratch both platforms at the same time could be very confusing and overwhelming.

Alright, let’s begin…

Best SEO Courses for Bloggers

Best SEO Courses for Bloggers, comprehensive and basic

After 3 years of blogging, two blogs, plenty of blogging courses investments, and being a long-term active member of the Blogging Facebook Community I have narrowed it down to these SEO Courses for Bloggers.

This SEO training courses list is based on personal experience, blogging community popularity, expertise of the course creator, and ease and relevance of the learning material.

They are listed under the following categories:

  • Comprehensive SEO Courses (more expensive, but more throughout, private Facebook Support Groups)
  • Mid-Level SEO Courses (less expensive, a bit less technical)
  • Basic SEO Training (targeted training eBooks and courses)

Despite of which SEO training you opt for, you are guaranteed to learn valuable and top-notch information.

Let’s get started…

★ Comprehensive SEO Courses for Bloggers

1. Stupid Simple SEO Course 

Stupid Simple SEO Course for Bloggers

Stupid Simple SEO is the most throughout and comprehensive SEO course I have ever taken!

Stupid Simple SEO teaches you step by step exactly how to scale your blog’s traffic and income by implementing tried and true strategies month after month.

This advanced SEO Course was specifically crafted for bloggers, and despite the robust nature of the course curriculum it is incredibly beginner friendly. It walks you through the basics of understating SEO all the way to implementing key strategies that will get your blog thousands of organic page views from search engines.

This course was created by Mike Pearson, the Founder of Stupid Simple SEO. He makes thousands of dollars a month from multiple websites he has created as a testament to the same strategies he teaches in this very course.

Unlike any other course listed in this list, Simple Stupid SEO is the only one that focuses specifically on SEO alone (how to rank on Google). The rest of the SEO courses in this list (with the exemption of the last section) have merged Pinterest strategies in their content.

Here is a summary outline of the Stupid Simple SEO Curriculum:

Note: Each Module is comprised of 4-14 walk-through videos. All of the modules are broken down into bite-size pieces which he presents in “watch and repeat” perspective, which I love.

  • Module 1: Making Your Blog Lightning-Fast & Google-Friendly
  • Module 2: Crafting An Optimal Site Structure & Homepage Design
  • Module 3: How to Do Keyword Research the Right Way
  • Module 4: The Secret To Creating Epic Content That Google Loves
  • Module 5: Getting Started With Link Building
  • Module 6: How To Swipe Your Competitors’ Best Backlinks
  • Module 7: How To Build Links With Guest Posting
  • Module 8: How To Create Linkable Assets Other Websites Love Linking To
  • Plus Bonus Modules you will receive depending on the plan you chose to enroll in

Here are my personal results after implementing the strategies taught in this course for my second blog.

They are based on the first 4 months after I bought the course, although I didn’t start implementing the strategies until March.

Stupid Simple SEO for Bloggers results

Mike is so committed to the strategies he teaches in his course, that the only way to be able to purchase this course is by first enrolling in this totally FREE Masterclass which you don’t want to miss, trust me. It will be a game-changer. I am certain of it because it was for me.

The FREE Masterclass is called, “The 4-Step SEO Framework To Scale Your Blog’s Traffic & Income (Minus the Stress, Expensive Tools, & Crazy Overwhelm)”, where Mike will teach you:

  • The top 3 mistakes EVERY blogger makes with their SEO (and why they’re costing you major traffic).
  • The SECRETS to writing content that ranks highly in Google.
  • His 4-step framework for scaling your Google traffic so you can get into Mediavine & double your Amazon affiliate commissions (without the overwhelm and expensive tools).

>> To enroll in the FREE Masterclass, click here <<

2. Adventures in SEO 

Adventures in SEO Course for Bloggers

Adventures in SEO is another great and popular SEO Course for Bloggers. If you already know your way around Pinterest, this will be a great option for you.

It contains the perfect blend of Google and Pinterest training so that you learn how to increase your chances at receiving organic traffic from both of these search engine powerhouses.

This Course will cover how to dual optimize your content for Pinterest AND Google. So that once your Pinterest traffic dies down, Google takes over. You can see how that happens in the sales page video.

Adventures in SEO was created by Lena Gott founder of What Mommy Does. She has nearly 11 years of experience with Google keyword research, over 4 years doing the same on Pinterest, and 7 years of experience teaching online college courses.

Here is a summary outline for Adventures in SEO Curriculum:

Note: Each Module contains 5-13 lessons (in written and video form)

  • Module 1: Keyword Trees and the End of Pinterest
  • Module 2: How to Combine Google and Pinterest Research
  • Module 3: How to Optimize your Posts for Google and Pinterest
  • Module 4: Clickworthiness
  • Module 5: A Simple Repinning Strategy
  • Plus Bonus Modules: e.g. Income Module & Seasonal Content

Note: Adventures in SEO is NOT open year-round to the public. However. you can have access through this special link for only 3 days once activated.

>> For limited enrollment in Adventures in SEO, click here <<

★ Mid-Level SEO Courses for Bloggers

3. Ready Set Blog Traffic 

Ready Set Blog Traffic Course for Bloggers

Ready Set Blog Traffic in another great SEO course for bloggers. It was created by Elna Cain, blogger, freelancer, and founder of multiple successful websites.

This course is a fusion of learning SEO strategies for Google and Pinterest.

Elna teaches how to use both search engines in a way that they feed off of each other, in turn maximizing your potential organic traffic month after month.

Ready Blog Traffic Curriculum includes:

  •  5 core modules
  •  30+ video lessons
  •  5+ text lessons
  •  Video tech training
  •  Lifetime access
  •  Guest blogging guide
  •  Templates + swipe copies
  •  380+ Pinterest boards

>> To enroll in Ready Set Blog Traffic, click here <<

4. Traffic Transformation 

Traffic Transformation Guide, best SEO courses for bloggers

Traffic Transformation Guide also by Lena Gott this handy guide has been used by thousands of bloggers to improve their SEO strategies thus increasing page views and income.

This SEO course for bloggers contains 100+ pages with step-by-step instructions (download) AND a 40-minute keyword optimization training video.

This guide is based on 21 strategies Lena herself used to increase her page views from 17k to 400k in 10 months.

>> To learn more about Traffic Transformation Guide, click here <<

★ Basic SEO Training (eBooks)

If you aren’t looking to commit to a full SEO course at the moment, you can always start with one of these little gold nuggets chunks.

The following 3 SEO resources are targeted SEO training which focuses on specific SEO topics.

5. Easy Backlinks eBook

Easy Backlink SEO ebook for bloggers

Easy Backlinks eBook was written by Debbie Gardner and it teaches you 31+ ways and places to build backlinks without blogger outreach.

It is a 130 page info-packed eBook specifically designed to teach you all about SEO basics and backlink building.

Here are some of the topics covered in the Easy Backlink eBook

  • What is Domain Authority?
  • Things to avoid when backlinking
  • Good backlinks and where they should link to
  • How and where to build internal backlinks?
  • Places to build backlinks the EASY WAY
  • More advanced techniques to build backlinks
  • Guidelines on how to build backlinks gradually and consistently
  • How social media can help
  • Over 100+ blog sites accepting guest posts
  • Activities to avoid (low impact and time consuming)
  • How to implement and make this part of your blogging process

Debbie has been blogging since 2010 and currently makes 20k+/months thanks to her organic traffic reach. She is very active in the Facebook Blogging Community and helps hundreds of bloggers on a monthly basis by helping answer blogging questions and inquiries.

>> Grab the Easy Backlink SEO eBook, here<<

6. Easy On-Page SEO for Beginners and Intermediates eBook

Easy On Page SEO for Beginner adn Intermediate Bloggers

The Easy On-Page SEO for Beginners and Intermediate Bloggers eBook was also written by Debbie and it focuses specifically on on-page optimization so that your articles rank well on the search engines.

It includes:

  • The template she uses to write all of her articles (easy 12 step process)
  • The 9 steps to take after you publish your article
  • 12 super useful tips and free tools
  • Why long-form content is so valuable
  • Printable checklist for well-optimized post and 9 steps to get it indexed by Google faster

7. Blogging Analytics eCourse

Blog Analitics SEO Course for Bloggers

Understanding Blogging Analytics is a big part of dissecting what’s working, what isn’t, and what you can use to your advantage to improve your chances of ranking.

Tracie Fobes does a great job the Blog Analytics Course by teaching you all you need to know about navigating your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Sitemaps.

  • Module 1: Google Analytics 101
  • Module 2: Google Search Console
  • Module 3: Sitemaps
  • Module 4: Google Analytics 201
  • Module 5: SEO Basics

>> Enroll in the Blog Analytics eCourse, here <<

Do NOT buy any of these SEO Courses, if…

As you probably already realized, most of these courses are pretty pricey. That is because when implementing the strategies taught in these SEO courses, you WILL increase your blog traffic AND income for years to come.

With that said, these courses require that you not only learn the information, but also IMPLEMENT IT!

If you are not willing to put in the work, please don’t waste your money. The only way you will be able to see the incredible results of learning SEO is by being proactive about what you are learning.

You don’t need a lot of time to complete them, just dedication and consistency.

All of these SEO training for bloggers have lifetime access which will allow you to go at your own pace.

Set a learning schedule, designate a few minutes a day/week to complete a new lesson, and implement the work right away. If you do that, you are sure so see changes in your growth sooner.

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In Summary

No doubt SEO is the single most important thing you should be investing in when it comes to your blog growth.

Everything great that can come from the hard work you put into your blog, starts with organic traffic. So, opting for one of these Best SEO Courses for Bloggers will give you all of the tools you need in one place to finally reach the breakthrough you have been hoping for.

SEO Courses  for Bloggers Recap:

  1. Stupid Simple SEO 2.0 (Course): In depth Google SEO Training
  2. Adventures in SEO (Course): Pinterest and Google
  3. Ready Set Blog Traffic (Course): Pinterest and Google
  4. Traffic Transformation Guide (Course): General SEO strategies
  5. Easy Backlinks (eBook)
  6. Easy On-Page SEO for Beginners & Intermediates (eBook)
  7. Blog Analytics (eCourse)

What SEO Course have you taken to improve your blog grow? If you haven’t enrolled in any yet, which one from this list do you think will benefit you the most?

Don’t forget to pin for later…

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