61 Best Blog Niches for Making Money in 2024—With Examples!

When I was coming up with this list of best blog niches in 2023, I did NOT just randomly pull ideas from thin air. This list is based on research, such as blogger income reports, the current economic climate (hello, pandemic!), and keyword research.

Based on many factors, here are the best blog niches in 2023 if you want to make MONEY blogging! Enjoy!

#1 Food

Let me tell ya, since the pandemic, food bloggers are having a MOMENT. Because everyone has been mostly stuck at home and fearful of eating take-out, cooking at home has skyrocketed. I’ve seen so many reports from food bloggers in my Facebook groups that their traffic is higher than ever.

The Pros of Blogging About Food

  • We’ve all gotta eat. Now is a great time to be a food blogger. And here’s the thing: No matter the crisis or economic downturn that may befall the world—we never stop eating. We have to eat, so it’s a good niche to be in.
  • You don’t need to be an expert with credentials. Food blogs seem less affected by EAT because you don’t have to be a PhD or a physician to write recipes or give cooking tips. That being said, tread lightly when it comes to the medical side of food. If you don’t have the credentials or can’t back it up with scientific evidence, do not make medical claims that your particular diet or style of cooking will cure someone of a disease.

The Cons of Blogging About Food

  • You’ll get highly specific requests from readers for modifications. Food blogging is difficult because you’ll get a constant flow of comments with highly specific requests, such as “Can I substitute the white sugar with brown sugar?” “Is this safe for my 3-year-old to eat?” “Could you make a vegan version of this?” It’s frustrating.
  • You have to take good photos. Staging food photos and making them look good is a challenge—especially when all you want to do is eat what you made! Food bloggers are pros at spending hours making the dish look beautiful, with all sorts of lighting and camera setups and backgrounds.
  • If you do not have any medical degrees or health certifications, you have to be careful not to cross the line between food and medicine. Scroll down to read more about Google’s EAT and how that has affected health blogs, but in short, if you’re not a doctor or a registered dietitian, Google is going to be very wary about ranking your blog post about “how keto cures diabetes” or something. Google does not want to misrepresent the average Joe’s content as medical advice, so tread carefully.

14 Blog Niche Ideas Related to Food

  1. Keto
  2. Intermittent fasting
  3. Low carb
  4. Sugar-free
  5. Paleo
  6. Whole30
  7. Low FODMAP
  8. Gluten-free
  9. Vegetarian
  10. Vegan
  11. 30-minute recipes
  12. College student cooking
  13. Easy baking recipes – Vintage Kitchen Notes
  14. Healthy gluten-free and dairy-free recipes – Nutrition in the Kitch

#2 Home Life

The Pros of Blogging About Home Life

  • Everyone has a home life! Again, it’s a niche where traffic will never disappear because even if there’s an economic downturn, people still spend time at home. In fact, with an economic downturn, people spend more time at home.
  • No credentials needed! Again, the home blogging niche doesn’t require special credentials to write about, so you’ll be less impacted by EAT.
  • In 2020, everyone spending a lot more time at home. Thanks to the pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, everyone around the world is stuck indoors. Many are trying to learn to become more self-sufficient, so blogging about gardening or homesteading is huge right now.

The Cons of Blogging About Home Life

  • It can feel like an invasion of your private life. Much of the time, you’ll be sharing photos of your home, maybe even your family, and talking a lot about your personal life. If you’re a private person, this may feel uncomfortable.
  • What happens if you change lifestyles? For example, this happens a lot: A person will start a blog about living off-grid, but after a few years, they decide to move back to the big city. They often have to deal with losing followers because they no longer write about that niche. Of course, that’s not always a dealbreaker. Sometimes, you can sell your blog or hire writers who can continue writing about the lifestyle that you left.

14 Blog Niche Ideas Related to Home Life

  1. Homesteading
  2. Off-grid living
  3. Farmhouse living
  4. Tiny home living
  5. Survivalism
  6. Sustainability
  7. Zero-waste lifestyle
  8. Minimalism
  9. Raising chickens
  10. Homeschooling
  11. Flooring
  12. Scandinavian decor
  13. Upcycled decor
  14. Book clubs – Book Club Chat

#3 Personal Finance

The Pros of Blogging About Personal Finance

  • Money is one of the BIGGEST concerns for everyone. Blogs about making money typically make money easily because finances are what everyone worries about. Plus, the affiliates available in this niche tend to pay large commissions, such as credit card companies.

The Cons of Blogging About Personal Finance

  • It’s a very competitive niche. Because blogs about making money tend to make a lot of money (when they’re successful), a lot of bloggers are trying to get into this niche. That means you’ll face stiff competition.

12 Blog Niche Ideas Related to Personal Finance

  1. FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early)
  2. Day trading
  3. Robo investing
  4. Cryptocurrency
  5. Credit cards
  6. Credit card hacking
  7. DINK (Double Income No Kids)
  8. Extreme frugality
  9. Student loans
  10. Debt payoff
  11. Couponing
  12. Online surveys

#4 Online Business

The Pros of Blogging About Online Business

  • Again, everyone wants to make more money. Similar to personal finance blogs, blogs about how to start an online business tend to do well because their audience is looking to spend money in order to make money through a business.

The Cons of Blogging About Online Business

If you don’t have firsthand experience with a successful online business, it will show. The internet is filled with phony, get-rich-quick schemes. Readers are looking for authentic bloggers who have built a successful online business themselves and can speak from experience. If you don’t have personal experience, then it’s hard to build authority in this niche—unless you hire writers who do have personal experience building a successful online business.

16 Blog Niche Ideas Related to Online Businesses

  1. Work-from-home
  2. Blog monetization – Blogging about blogging has always been and will always be pretty lucrative. Why? Just look at affiliate products related to blogging and the commissions they pay. Some web hosting services pay $50-$100 per conversion—that’s a TON compared to other affiliates.
  3. Running an Etsy store
  4. Running a printables store
  5. Work-at-home mom (WAHM)
  6. Podcasting
  7. YouTube
  8. Facebook ad management
  9. Instagram influencer
  10. Teaching English online
  11. Teaching an instrument online
  12. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  13. Freelance writing
  14. Freelance social media
  15. Freelance graphic design
  16. Freelance software development

#5 DIY

The Pros of Blogging About DIY

  • Your audience has as buyer’s mindset because they need to buy the materials to do the DIY project! If you want to make money blogging, you need to think about the buyer’s mindset in every blog post you create. You want to write blog posts aimed at people who are ready to buy, not people who are just reading for information. The great thing about DIY projects is that they always have a list of necessary materials, so your readers will likely need to buy something before they can tackle the project. This is the ideal time to insert affiliate links or a link to your own product.

The Cons of Blogging About DIY

  • You’re going to spend a lot of time personally completing DIY projects so that you can blog about it. Much like food bloggers, DIY bloggers have to painstakingly create the process, take photos of it, and explain how to do it to their audience. If you don’t personally enjoy DIY projects, you might want to stay away from this niche, as it will be time-consuming and not so fun for you.

5 Blog Niche Ideas Related to DIY

  1. Crafting with kids
  2. Watercolor painting
  3. Crocheting
  4. DIY Weddings – Ruffled
  5. Mod Podge projects – Mod Podge Rocks

Tools to Test Your Niche

Before you decide on a niche, it’s always best to do some SEO and keyword research. Use the following tools to scope out other blogs in that same niche to ensure they’re getting good traffic (an indication of public interest) and to get ideas for keywords you can use in your blog posts.

  • Ubersuggest – I can’t believe this tool is totally FREE! It gives fairly accurate guesstimates of organic search traffic to any domain name you put into this tool.
  • SEMRush – You have to create an account to use this, and I use it only secondary to Ubersuggest.
  • KeySearch – This the keyword research tool I use and recommend. You won’t find any that is this robust at this low of a price!

The Problem with Health Blogs

After Google’s “medic update” update, personal health blogs took a huge traffic hit. That’s thanks to something known as EAT, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

In short, Google started prioritizing established websites with medical authority, such as Healthline, WebMD, and Mayo Clinic—and rightly so. Google is very careful not to rank blogs that publish health content written by people with no medical certifications.

The Problem with Travel Blogs

As a travel blogger, I can tell you that travel blogs are particularly tough to monetize for a few reasons:

  1. Affiliate programs for tours and hotels pay ridiculously low commissions.
  2. People tend to cancel travel a lot.
  3. Due to the pandemic this year, the travel industry is suffering big time.
  4. Most travel blog visitors are one-time buyers, not lifelong customers.

The Problem with Lifestyle Blogs

By “lifestyle blog,” I mean a blog that is broad and covers everything—from fashion to health to food to travel. When a blog covers a wide variety of topics, it actually makes it difficult for the blog to rank well. That’s because Google can’t figure out what the blog is about. Remember, Google values authority; if you can speak in depth about one specific topic, that’s good. The problem with lifestyle blogs is that they talk about so many topics broadly, so they tend not to build strong authority in any one area.

The Biggest Takeaway Before You Choose Your Niche

No matter what niche you choose, you will only be successful if you can prove your authority in that niche. That doesn’t mean you have to write all of your own blog posts. If you don’t have professional credentials or personal experience in that niche, you need to hire writers who do. Or, you can even hire reviewers to check over your articles and give them a stamp of approval that will make you trustworthy in Google’s eyes.

For example, Healthline often has articles written by freelance writers but “medically reviewed” by medical doctors, pharmacists, and other clinicians. See the example below:

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