8 Reasons to do Your Next Facebook Live

8 Reasons to do Your Next Facebook Live

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One of the most powerful things you can do with your business’s Facebook page, is to go Live. Among all of the other marketing tactics out there, live video is king. Why is that? Let’s walk through 8 reasons to do your next Facebook Live.

Live video has become such a standard in our world today.

If you think about the trends – first there was reality TV, and then there was social media, and now you can even do live video on social media…

What do these things have in common?

We are moving toward MORE real, and less produced. People crave the unfiltered, uncut look into life.

Perhaps all of the airbrushing, filters and perfect Pinterest images get a little tiring sometimes? Causing us to crave a real, plain view into each other’s lives.

Whatever the reasoning, there’s no denying that people LOVE Facebook live.

Here are 8 Reasons to do Your Next Facebook Live

8 Reasons to do Your Next Facebook Live

#1. Facebook prioritizes live video in the Newsfeed.

Facebook itself is more likely to get your Facebook Live video into the Newsfeed of your followers than it would if you had posted anything else.

Facebook has an algorithm that determines what posts will go into people’s Newsfeeds, and if you’ve been marketing there for long, you’ve noticed that it can be pretty tricky to get your business’s posts seen!

Oftentimes you can get up to 6x MORE reach on your Facebook live than you would any other type of post.

That’s a HUGE reason to do some more lives on your page!

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#2. More reach on your video may flow down to the rest of your posts.

After you post a Facebook live and have gotten that bump in your post reach, your page gets to “ride the wave” for a little bit.

Meaning, you will notice you get more reach on OTHER posts. (Certainly not as much reach as your live video had, but a nice benefit anyway!)

When you are regularly doing Facebook lives, you will see your overall reach going up, since you are continually bumping your reach.

8 Reasons to do Your Next Facebook Live

#3. It helps your people to get to know you.

People are on your Facebook page to get to know your business and to CONNECT with you. What better way to connect than through live video?

Think about it – you are there, in real time talking to them. They have the opportunity to not only watch you, but also comment and interact with you.

Though it can be intimidating to put yourself out there at first, this is the connection that people are craving.

This is a huge way to build trust with your people. And only after you have earned their trust, will they become your customer.

#4. More engagement on your page.

Facebook live videos will often get more engagement than other posts on your page. Engagement is all of those like, comments and shares that we all love!

You can also encourage engagement in your video by having conversation with your people! You could ask their opinion. You could have a giveaway. You could simply ask great questions and spur on a response in the comments.

People love to engage with brands they care about. Live video can be a fun way to connect with them.

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8 Reasons to do Your Next Facebook Live

#5. You get immediate feedback on ideas or products.

Facebook live can be a fun place to get feedback on things BEFORE you have even marketed them.

You could go live and share about an idea you have for your company, or a product you are considering. People LOVE to give their opinion, especially is the company is there listening in real time!

You could also go live and give a few different options of something you are considering. For example, if your new book is coming out, you could show the 2 possible cover options and get your audience’s opinion.

#6. You can actually sell during your Facebook lives.

This option may not work for all businesses, but if you sell physical products – especially ones that have a limited availability – Facebook live sales are a GREAT option for your business!

You could tell your audience when the sale will be happening, and maybe show them a sneak peek of what they can expect. Then you go live, and explain how the sale will be working. Be clear about how they will claim the items in the comments. Also, be clear about who will get the item first (if there are multiple people claiming).

Then after the live video, you invoice and send out your products!

The beauty of this type of sale is the urgency is places on the buyers. They see that other people are there watching too, and in order to GET the thing they want to buy, they need to take action quickly.

Also, it’s often helpful to be able to see you interacting with the item. They can see the size, shape, hear your comments about it, etc.

If this is an option for your business, give it a try and see how sales go!

8 Reasons to do Your Next Facebook Live

#7. You can get ideas for the future from your audience.

When you are having conversation with your audience on live video, you will often get questions or comments that can lead to ideas for your business.

Are a lot of people asking the same question? There’s a blog post idea.

Do a lot of people have the same concern? Maybe you need to tweak something in your messaging.

Ask great questions in your live videos; listen to the people’s responses – and you may have some great content ideas for your audience in the future!

#8. You can re-use the content that you cover in your video.

Don’t we all love it when we can re-use some content?

After you’ve done your Facebook live, think of how many ways you can re-use that same work.

For example:

You could turn the content into a couple of blog posts.

You could turn each point that you talked about into a social media post.

You could use the topics you discussed as content for your next emails to your list.

Instead of always reinventing the wheel, think of how many ways you can do the “thinking” once and churn it out into a ton of content.

8 Reasons to do Your Next Facebook Live

One final note…

Some of the very BEST Facebook lives happen unintentionally, or spontaneously.

Think about the (now famous) video of the BBC journalist, when his child entered the room. (You can see that hilarious video here.) Did any of that happen intentionally? No! Funny things happen on accident and that’s OKAY.


Yes, plan your social media posts and videos ahead of time. But when something funny, exciting, or interesting happens – get your phone out, go live, and share the moment!

Don’t worry about the prep work. Don’t worry about the sound, lighting, or how you look. Just go for it!

Your audience will love the sneak peek into your world. And you will love the confidence of being free to be brave and go live at a moment’s notice!

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