5 Tips to Make it Simple to Sell Your Product

5 Tips to Make it Simple to Sell Your Product

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Aren’t we all so smart? We know SO much about our business and our product. We are truly an expert at what we do. (And I’m not being sarcastic!)

It’s true! In order to take our product and turn it into a successful business, we have to really know a lot.

BUT…Your customer does NOT know a lot about your product or service.

As I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts the other day – the StoryBrand podcast – they were talking about this very thing. They said that WE understand our product at a 10, for example. However, most people BUY our product at a 1 or 2, in their level of knowledge or understanding.

What this means is that we need to be extremely clear about what we offer and how they can buy our product!

If we are not simplifying our website and our wording about our product, we will just get lost in all of the online noise.

And so, here are 5 Tips to Make it Simple for your Customers to Buy:

1. Be plain about who you are and what you do.

When people visit your website or your social media pages they should be able to tell within a minute or so who you are and what you do.

Let’s be honest, people aren’t going to search around your page trying to figure out what it is that you actually sell or do. They need it to be plain and clear, or else they will quickly move on.

Grab their attention by stating clearly on your pages what you do. This can be accomplished on the home page of your website by putting it in big, clear wording. You can accomplish it on your various social media pages by making great use of the banner photos at the top. Put a great photo of your product, or someone enjoying your product. You could even add text to that photo and make a clear graphic out of it.

Facebook has recently rearranged how business pages look when you land on them, Now, the quick blurb about what you do is not on the front page anymore. Sure, people can still find it when they click on the “About” tab, but as we said, that requires some searching around! Make it easier for your customer, by using your banner photo well to communicate what you do.

2. Be clear about how they can get involved or buy your product.

What is the process to buying your product or service? Can they buy through your online store? Do they need to come in to your store to purchase? Do they need to make a call or fill out an online form?

Be clear abut what the process is and explain it SIMPLY.

3.  Make your navigation on your pages and website simple.

When your customers head to your website, can they quickly see how to buy your product? Make sure that the buttons to hire your service or buy your product are clearly labeled and easy to find.

For that matter, make sure all the navigation on your page is clear and makes sense. Since you are so close to your product and page, have someone who is unfamiliar with your brand sit down and QUICKLY look at your page. See if they can tell within a few minutes what you are all about and how they can buy.

4. In your social media posts, link to accurate pages.

Often in your social media posts you will link to your website, or a certain area on your website. Do not just send them to the homepage, send them directly to the page you are talking about.

Nothing will lose customers faster than leaving them to flounder around on your website looking for the page you were referencing in your post!

Link to the exact page you are talking about.

5.  If you have a brick and mortar store, make the directions easy to find.

If the entire point is to get people to come in to your store, make yourself easy to find!

On your website, make your locations easy to navigate to. On Facebook, you can add location addresses that include a map. On Instagram, when you convert to a business account, there is a simple “Contact” button where people can get directions.

It’s likely that your location will be one of the most searched for things in your business. Let’s give the people what they are looking for!

Be clear about your location.

Serve your customers well by making the process of buying your product SIMPLE, and watch your sales increase in a big way!

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