11 Creative Social Media Post Ideas (even if You Don’t Feel Creative!)

Once you start posting on your business’s social media pages, it can feel like REALITY sets in soon – WHAT IN THE WORLD am I going to post on these sites Every. Single. Day?? I put together this list of 11 creative social media post ideas so you can take a break from that worry!

I love to keep a list of ideas handy and change up what type of things I’m putting on my business’s page. And if I were to guess, you’d like a “done-for-you” brainstorming list as well!

Here’s a great starter list of ideas for your business’s social media (so you don’t have to feel creative!)

11 Creative Social Media Post Ideas

11 Creative Social Media Post Ideas

#1. Show something Behind the Scenes.

People love to know that your company is personal and that you are real people in conversation with them online.

You could post something about your process – how you come up with ideas for your products, where you source some of the ingredients, why you chose to create a certain line of products.

You could feature an interesting ingredient in your product, or talk a little about your secret sauce (without giving away the whole secret, of course!)

#2. Give them Tips and Insights.

Think about the areas in which you or your business is an expert. What is something that comes SO EASILY to you, but is a mystery to other people?

Give people some tips on those topics.

Here are some examples: If your product is Mexican food, share how to pick the perfect avocado. If your product is upholstery, share how to remove a stain from your couch. If your product is women’s boutique clothing, share how to mix patterns.

People love tips from experts, and YOU are an expert in your area.

Tip: Are you the type of person that needs to actually write things down in a planner? (Like me!!) This planner here has been the BEST thing I have found for planning out my social media posts (and everything else in my life, for that matter…) Check it out, and get these social media posts scheduled in. 

#3. Ask a great question.

People love to feel like their voice is heard and valued, so ask them great questions!

BUT, make it easy for them to respond. People are busy – they will not type out a long answer. Make the question a one-word response, or better yet, multiple choice. Head here for a list a 100 questions you could ask on Social Media!

#4. Interview someone.

Is there someone, or another business, that would be interesting to your audience?

Perhaps a supplier for your product, or a business that is in line with yours. Or you could even interview a happy customer and let them tell about their experience with your product.

Want to get more comments on your social media posts…. with even LESS WORK from you? Grab the 100 questions graphics pack! These images come ready to post as-is, and also as customizable templates. Save a ton of time with these graphics today.

100 Questions Social Media Image Templates

#5. Post a Frequently Asked Question, along with your answer.

If people are frequently asking something, they are telling you what type of posts they’d like to have from you!

Not only can you feature the answer to this question, but it allows your customers to feel that they are heard and responded to. 

Bonus Tip: If your business is new and doesn’t have a TON of FAQs yet, answer a question that they SHOULD be asking!

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#6. Share a Process of Yours.

Think through your business’s process and share some tidbit of how you do what you do. If you sell cakes, talk about where you shop for supplies. If you are an artist, talk about your creative process. If you’re a writer, talk about getting a book published.

Once your people have fallen in love with your products, they want to know more about them. This understanding can help turn them into loyal fans.

11 Creative Social Media Post Ideas

#7. Highlight a person that works in your business.

People love to know that a company is personal – that real people are answering their emails and behind the business’s social media.

Highlight those people (and even yourself!) Let your audience get to know the people behind the scenes. Post in a way that you are relatable and open.

#8. Share something personal.

Along with #7, you could share something personal about you or your role in the business. You could share your story, or a struggle that you’ve had along the way.

You could post about how you struggled with a certain problem, and then created your product as a solution. This not only helps people relate to you personally, but encourages them to purchase your product as well! 

Learning about the founder, or the owner’s role in the company allows people to feel like they “know” your brand. 

#9. Tie into daily Themes.

Each day of the week has several “themes” on social media. Tie into them! Be funny, or be serious, and see what your audience responds to.

Some examples include:

Monday – Motivation Monday

Tuesday – Trivia Tuesday

Wednesday – Wednesday Wisdom

Thursday – Throwback Thursday

Friday – TGIF

Saturday – Selfie Saturday

Sunday – Sunday Funday

Include the coordinating hashtag for each one, and you’ll be tied into something that’s trending.

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11 Creative Social Media Post Ideas

#10. Tutorials or “How-To”

These can be about your product, or about something complementary.

If you sell a blender, you could demonstrate several different smoothies. If you run an auto-repair shop, you could demonstrate how to check your oil. 

This is also a simple way to use LIVE video on your page!

#11. And of course, SELL your Product.

As we’ve learned, you should only be asking people to act/ buy/ come into the store about 20-25% of the time. But, at some point you need to sell your product and sell it well! Show them fantastic photos of your product, or video of what it can do for them. Put your best foot forward.

*As a NOTE: if you create a post that is getting a great response from your audience, keep it saved somewhere! There’s no harm in reposting the same idea a little while from now.

Create a rotation of several of these ideas on your social media pages, and you’ll have a beautifully creative and interesting page full of content.

Want to remember this? Post this 11 Creative Social Media Post Ideas article to your favorite Pinterest board!

11 Creative Social Media Post Ideas | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Marketing | Online Business | Tips | #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #facebook #instagram

11 Creative Social Media Post Ideas | social media marketing | online business | facebook | instagram | twitter | blog | blogging | #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #onlinebusiness #blog #blogging

11 Creative Social Media Post Ideas | social media marketing | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | blog | blogging | blogger | online business | #socialmedia #marketing #socialmediamarketing #Facebook #Instagram #Twitter #Blog #Blogger #blogging

11 Creative Social Media Post Ideas | social media marketing | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | blog | blogging | blogger | online business | #socialmedia #marketing #socialmediamarketing #Facebook #Instagram #Twitter #Blog #Blogger #blogging

11 Creative Social Media Post Ideas - even if you don't feel creative! | social media marketing | online business | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | blog | blogging | small business | #socialmedia #marketing #onlinebusiness #blog #blogging #Facebook #Instagram #Twitter

11 Creative Social Media Post Ideas - even if you don't feel creative! | social media marketing | online business | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | blog | blogging | small business | #socialmedia #marketing #onlinebusiness #blog #blogging #Facebook #Instagram #Twitter

11 Creative Social Media Post Ideas - even if you don't feel creative! | social media marketing | online business | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | blog | blogging | small business | #socialmedia #marketing #onlinebusiness #blog #blogging #Facebook #Instagram #Twitter

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  1. And that note about recycling a great post? Genius move! If it resonates, why not give it an encore? It’s like bringing back a fan favorite. A rotation of these ideas on social media – that’s the secret sauce for a page that’s both creative and captivating.

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