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So you’re having writer’s block? Not a problem we got you covered with these over 100 best blog titles you can use as a start for your next blog post.

I know, you have that moment when you’re too eager to write, but nothing pops up on your mind. That’s why the stock of catchy blog title ideas will be great to put to use every time you have blogging burnout. 

It happens to me a couple of times, and I know how unpleasant to be in that situation as a writer and a blogger. And I don’t want you to experience that either!

For this reason, I have compiled ideas and suggestions which amounted to over 100 best blog titles you can use for your blog when you’re running out of ideas on what to write.

I collected these blog titles based on people’s queries on Google, Quora, and Reddit. These blog titles are merely ideas and may or may not be helpful in giving you hints in writing when you a writer’s block.

Disclaimer: Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you. 

What is the best title for a blog?

But before those best blog titles, let us discuss shortly what is the best title for a blog post.

Obviously but unfortunately, many do this which frustrates and angers many answer seekers on the net – the clickbait title. I discourage using this because you will not only hurt your SEO ranking but also turns off visitors and readers from visiting your blog posts in the future.

It goes without saying that your blog title should be a summary of what you’re going to share with your audience and readers. Your blog title should not be too short or too long either.

According to what I have just read from this awesome course, SEO Revamp, the ideal length of a blog title has 70 characters or less.

I can also recommend a tool for analysing your blog title called CoSchedule. You can sign in for free but they have paid options of course for more features.

From the article of BetterMarketing, titles with numbers in them generate more shares and Google loves numbers!

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Here are over 100 best blog titles that will give you ideas on what to write:

Great blog titles ideas for travel niche and travel-related posts:

  • Best places in Europe for a road trip (plus a checklist)
  • Things you should have for a travel blog
  • The cheapest way to explore California (or any location)
  • How to find cheap world trips
  • How much does it cost to travel?
  • How to work while travelling the world
  • 10 cheap places to travel
  • How to travel the world with a full-time job
  • Best way to travel the world
  • Avoid unexpected travel expenses with these tips
  • Top travel mistakes you should avoid
  • 10 ways to save money while travelling
  • Awesome places to visit in Europe for couples
  • How to plan your first cruise on a budget
  • How to travel with kids without losing your mind
  • Best destination travel guide (you should buy)
  • Top 10 things to in Budapest, Hungary (or any place)
  • How to enjoy travelling in your 20s
  • Best world destinations you should visit this year
  • Find best hotel deals with a guide
  • European destinations you should not miss
  • How to enjoy travelling in winter
  • Start travelling alone as a woman
  • Plan your next summer destination with this checklist
  • Methods to keep fit while traveling
  • 10 ways to enjoy travel with your partner
  • How to choose a name for your travel blog
  • You shouldn’t go without these travel essentials (Download travel checklist)
  • 9 ways to save money for your travel
  • How to take Instagram photos if you’re a solo traveller
  • Apps you should have on your phone now before you travel
  • Most memorable travel experiences
  • 10 important things to pack for your travel
  • 10 reasons to travel full-time
  • World’s most underrated beaches (you should visit this year)
  • How to pack your suitcase like a pro
  • How to plan your solo trip
  • How to book the cheapest flight
  • 10 unique travel blog post ideas
  • Best strategies from travel bloggers
  • Top 10 favourite trips this year
  • Books you can read on your next vacation
  • 10 ways to survive a long flight
  • How to earn money while travelling the world
  • Start a travel blog without really travelling
  • How to survive being an expat
  • Where should you travel next?
  • How to enjoy the spring season on a budget
  • Tips and guide on how to travel to Japan (or any place) in 2022
  • Wonderful places to visit in winter
  • 7 methods of documenting your travel
  • Inspirational travel quotes you should know by now
  • How traveling makes your life better
  • Benefits of travelling and why you should travel now 

Great blog titles ideas for blogging/social media/business niche

  • How to blog as a beginner
  • How to blog without losing interest
  • How to earn money from blogging with a guide
  • List of blog posts that draw readers to your blog
  • Favorite apps for blogging and promoting
  • 10 reasons to start a blog now-plus a step-by-step guide
  • Reasons to have a Pinterest account for your blog
  • 9 ways to make money from a blog
  • Why SEO is important for your blog (plus a free e-book)
  • 9 blogging mistakes you should stop now
  • How to capture gorgeous photos
  • How to use affiliate marketing in your business
  • Blog topics for beginner bloggers
  • How to start a profitable blog with little money
  • The ultimate blogging guide (Free download now)
  • How to take a perfect food photo like a pro

Catchy blog title suggestions for home niche blogs

  • How to be organized at home even with kids
  • DIY design your desk like a pro
  • How to start a healthy lifestyle at home
  • How to make your home cosy this winter
  • Home office décor ideas on a budget
  • DIY living room décor ideas
  • How to start a minimalist living
  • How to start a garden to save money
  • Work from home jobs that pay weekly
  • 7 things no one told you about working at home
  • Legit ways to earn money at home
  • Methods to brighten a dark room
  • 10 tips for creating a weekly menu
  • How to stay fit working at home
  • DIY home décor and accessories ideas
  • 9 ways to make money at home
  • 10 best budget meal ideas
  • How to decorate a small space in your home
  • What to do with extra room in your house
  • How to budget for a new home upgrade
  • How to organize your walk-in closet ideas
  • 9 decorating tips this season
  • Top reasons to start working from home
  • How to increase productivity at home
  • Awesome morning routine you should do every day
  • Benefits of working at home
  • How to make your home cozy this season
  • Top 5 organization hacks you can apply today
  • 20 cleaning tips and tricks
  • Best 10 DIY Welcome home designs
  • How to create a home spa on a budget
  • How to paint your house like a pro
  • 5 tips for decluttering your home
  • How to live in a mobile home without losing your mind
  • DIY design your home on a budget
  • How to clean your kitchen fast (step-by-step method)
  • How to work out at your home without equipments
  • Things you need for your home office
  • 50 home niche topics for your blog
  • How to start a home niche blog
  • 5 advantages of having a work office
  • Increase productivity while working at home
  • How to adjust to working from home
  • 5 methods to avoid stress working from home
  • Things you can do in your free time at home
  • 10 ways of making money at home
  • How to take care of indoor plants
  • How to make use of small spaces

Lifestyle, mental, health, personality, and financial development blog titles ideas

  • How to spend your time wisely
  • Eating healthy on a budget
  • How to stay fit when you have a job
  • Easy healthy breakfast recipes
  • Implement wellness with a full-time job
  • Books to improve financial status
  • Ways introverts enjoy time being alone
  • Reasons to start a writing habit
  • Overcome fear of rejection with these tips
  • Ways to stay positive even when it’s hard
  • 10 reasons you should read a book every day
  • 5 awesome things to do to keep you motivated
  • Self-care routine you shouldn’t miss every day
  • A letter to your future self
  • 10 methods to stay creative
  • What’s your morning routine
  • Top 10 things to do to be happy about
  • How to be fit without going to the gym
  • How to start a bullet journal in 2022
  • 10 healthy recipes on a budget
  • Why eating healthy is important
  • Benefits of drinking coffee every day
  • How to stay within budget when shopping
  • Get a better night’s sleep guide
  • My journey to health and fitness
  • How to stay healthy this winter
  • Tips to boost emotional health
  • Become your healthiest self in 2022
  • How to be healthy after 30
  • 10 healthy habits to start today
  • 10 reasons to drink tea every day
  • Books you should read to improve your writing career
  • How to stay hydrated in summer
  • Smoothie recipes for beginners
  • 20 ways to practice self-care
  • Self-care checklist you should have now
  • How to be confident without being arrogant
  • Why do you need a self-care routine every day (download checklist now)
  • The best advice I have ever received
  • 9 bad habits you should break now
  • How to make your goals and achieve them

That’s all for now. I hope you’ll find this article very useful whenever you’re running out of ideas about what you can write for your next blog post.

What do you think of these blog title ideas for your next blog post?

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