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10 Tips for great Facebook Live Videos – How to Look Like a Pro

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Using live video is a GREAT strategy in any business’s marketing. But if you haven’t done much live video before, it can seem daunting! Here are 10 Tips for Great Facebook Live Videos, so you will look like a pro.

Without question, LIVE video is the big thing right now. People love to see behind the scenes, and have a glimpse of something real. 

If you haven’t tried Facebook Live yet, it’s time!

(For some ideas of how your business could use Facebook Live, head to this article here.)

10 Tips for Great Facebook Live Videos

10 Tips for Great Facebook Live Videos

Tip #1: Tell your audience ahead of time that you’ll be live.

One great thing about Facebook live is that the videos stay up on your Facebook page even after you are done going live, so people can come watch them at any time.

However, it’s very FUN to be seeing people’s comments in real time. They are directly responding to you while you are talking, and you can interact with them in the moment if you choose.

If you TELL people ahead of time when you will be live, you have a much better chance of people tuning in.

This announcement doesn’t have to be overly fancy – simply post earlier in the day letting them know when you’ll be live (and maybe even tease a little snippet of what you’ll talk about!)

Another way to snag some viewers is to go live at the same time each week! You should still announce that you’ll be live, but this is another opportunity for people to know when you’ll be live and plan to watch.

This last tactic is especially helpful if you sell on Facebook live. For example, say you have a clothing boutique. You plan to go live at the same time each Sunday night and show your inventory. People can purchase in the comments AS YOU ARE LIVE. It’s likely that followers of your brand will plan ahead to hop on and do some purchasing!

10 Tips for Great Facebook Live Videos

Tip #2: “Script” out your live video.

Even though live video is a much more casual experience, you need a plan! You don’t need a stiff script without freedom, but you DO need a rough plan.

Trust me. You don’t want to be the guy rambling awkwardly with no direction…. 

Have a plan.

Have some talking points prepared.

Have questions ready for the person you’re interviewing.

Have your recipe ready to demonstrate, etc.

Be prepared. It will make you more confident and make the video flow much more smoothly.

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Tip #3: Make a catchy title for your video.

People that follow your Facebook page will get notified by Facebook when you go live. However, all they will see in the notification is the title of your video (and possibly a little inset video of you going live.) So let’s make the title catchy!

You want the title to be something that teases what you’ll be talking about, but also makes them curious to come watch the video.

Perhaps while you are making your rough “script” (Tip #2) – you can come up with a catchy title to go along with it.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes – what would make you click over and watch your video?

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Tip #4: Make sure your audio is clear.

You do not have to have professional microphones or equipment. However, make sure you are recording in an environment where people can hear you clearly. Avoid too much background noise, and speak clearly into the camera.

Much of the background noise can be eliminated by simply standing closer to your phone or computer. But if that is difficult, it’s also possible to use some inexpensive gear to help out the process!

If background noise is a problem for your videos, a simple directional microphone like this can make all the difference!

Tip #5: Make sure your internet connection is strong.

Check the connection on your phone or your computer and make sure it’s good. If it’s not, you may end up having trouble throughout your video.

Also, make sure your battery on your phone or laptop is charged. Sounds simple, but so many people’s videos cut off because their battery died.

Even if you think you have enough battery, plug in or have a little battery pack with you. It’s amazing how fast being on live video can eat up a battery.

I like to keep a couple of these battery packs charged up and with me. I can plug in my phone or even my laptop if I’m in a pinch.

Tip #6: Respond to comments either during or after your video.

One of the BEST aspects of live video is that you can connect – in the moment – with your audience!

Try to verbally respond to as many comments as you can. If you cannot respond during the video, quickly go back and type in answers to people’s questions.

They are literally sitting there, live, and they would love to hear from you!

When you are personally responding to your people, your audience feels that they are right there with you. It’s personable, and allows your audience to feel connected.

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Tip #7: Try to call people by name.

You’ll see your people’s names several times during your live video.

Say hi to them as they begin watching! Obviously, if you get to the point where there are hundreds of people watching, you won’t greet them all by name, but you get the point.

If you answer a question, call out the person’s name who asked. If someone shares your video while it’s live, tell them thank you,

People love to know that you are actually there, interacting with them. Using their names helps to build the personal aspect of live video that your audience is craving.

10 Tips to Make Your Facebook Live Video Great

Tip #8: Test out different video lengths to see what works best.

Facebook has said that videos of 15 minutes or more perform the best.


If you have a longer video (15+ minutes), it gives people a chance to find your video while you are still live! If you are only live for  a quick 3 minute video, chances are that very few people are going to find your video and be able to participate in the experience.

Experiment with different lengths. Different things work better for different pages.

Plan enough content to create a 15 minute video and see how it goes!

Tip #9: Go live often.

Be creative and brave! Video is king on Facebook right now, especially LIVE video.

You will get a MUCH greater reach on your page by making use of Facebook live. A Facebook live video will get up to 6 time MORE reach than a standard post!

Plan at least 1 time per week where you are going to go live on your page. Be there regularly and make it happen. Once you get comfortable with the process, you could start going live even more often.

10 Tips for Great Facebook Live Videos

Tip #10: Ask a question before you go live.

This is a bonus tip for you, something that I’ve personally found really maximizes participation and connection with an audience.

When you post an announcement that you’ll be live later, ask a question or have them comment in a specific way.


Ask what questions they’d like you to answer during your video.

Have them comment with a certain word, and you’ll pick a winner during the video for a discount/ coupon, etc.

Have them tag a friend and you’ll pick the pair of them to both get a discount or coupon.

Ask them what they’d like to see in your video.

People commenting on your announcement post will help it to reach even further (so more will KNOW that you’re going live.) And if it’s something where you’re announcing a winner or answering a question during your video, they are much more likely to come back and watch!

Overall, you should definitely be trying out Facebook Live for your business. There are so many creative ways to use it, and it helps to build a personal connection with your audience. And after all, that’s why they are following you on social media in the first place!

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10 Tips for Great Facebook Live Videos | social media marketing | online business | blog | blogging | #onlinebusiness #facebook #facebookmarketing #marketing #blog #blogging

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