How to use Facebook for Bloggers (+ 10 Facebook Groups for Bloggers)

Learning how to use Facebook for bloggers is one of the best ways to help your blog grow and help you expand your blogging knowledge.

There are many ways bloggers can use Facebook to leverage their blog growth, such as creating a Business Page, running Facebook Ads for products or services, and using Facebook Groups for Bloggers to share content and network.

Out of all of the aforementioned benefits for bloggers who use Facebook, the most beneficial, in my opinion, is joining and engaging in Facebook blogging groups.

Why? Well…

Out of 2.74 billion monthly Facebook active users, 1.8 billion of those Facebook users are Facebook Groups Members.

Networking and exchanging ideas with thousands of other bloggers and creatives is imperative in helping your blog and business propel forward.

What are Facebook Groups for Bloggers?

The purpose of a Facebook Group as a whole is to bring together a community of individuals with the same interest. That particular Facebook Group then becomes a platform for like-minded individuals to interact, connect, network, and share ideas.

In essence, it allows for participants to ask questions, give feedback, ask for help and offer help, and so on, on a particular topic.

So, now imagine being part of a platform where everyone else around you shares your passion and understands your struggles.

It is a pretty remarkable thing.

Therefore, Facebook Blogging groups allow you to do just that— learn, network, share, and engage with other bloggers.

How do Facebook Groups for Bloggers Work?

The concept behind Facebook Groups for Bloggers is simple. Someone (the group administrator) creates a Group with a topic and purpose in mind.

Other people with the same interest join in attempts to find support, ask questions, and promote their business. You abide by the rules set by the administrator and off you go!

You can find the rules in the “info” tab of that particular group, or pinned at the top of that group’s feed. These “rules” help maintain order and consistency throughout daily threads providing group members with organized content.

Normally, every day of the week is dedicated to a particular action, such as; promote your latest post Monday, collaborate Tuesdays, etc.

However, not all Facebook Groups for Bloggers are for promotional reasons. Some are strictly for discussion and learning purposes, which is extremely beneficial for anyone who is serious about blogging for profit.

How do you find Facebook Blogging Groups?

There are multiple places you can come across Facebook Groups for Bloggers.

Searching through the “Facebook Groups” section on your Facebook Navigation Menu, through other articles such as this one, through Google,  Pinterest, and networking with other bloggers.

To find Facebook Groups on Facebook, locate the Groups section under the explore tab of your Facebook home page.

How to use Facebook Groups to Grow your Blog and Business [18 Tips and Strategies]

Once there, click discover, and type on the search bar what you are looking for. Examples include, “blogging for newbies,” “business,” “single moms,” etc.

How to use Facebook Groups to Grow your Blog and Business [18 Tips and Strategies]

Benefits of Facebook for Bloggers (Groups)

  • increase blog traffic
  • collaborate
  • ask questions
  • affiliate marketing
  • showcase your latest work
  • showcase your other social media platforms
  • promote products
  • gain followers
  • gain subscribers
  • gain clients
  • find a support system
  • AND…… help you realize you aren’t the only sleep-deprived, coding nemesis, hardworking dreamer trying to make it all work.

In essence, learning how to use Facebook Groups to grow your blog should be on every blogger’s priority list.

However, there are certain guidelines that play a role in participating in these types of groups.

Next, we will cover general Facebook Groups tips, tricks, and strategies that will ensure you make the best out of your Facebook Groups for bloggers.

18 Facebook Groups Tips and Strategies

How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow your Blog and Business [18 Tips and Strategies]

Facebook Groups for Bloggers possess an unspoken rule about the way group members are expected to behave and interact.

Sometimes, the group rules are specified in a pinned post on the group’s main feed. Sometimes you can find these “rules” in the info section of the groups’ main page.

On many occasions, however, the group itself won’t have any visible guidelines.

But believe me when I tell you, your behavior in your Facebook Groups does matter and could make the difference in your overall success.

1. Be genuine

Everyone is looking out for their best interest. However, there is a difference between a genuine answer to a question and always attaching a post you wrote about the subject being discussed and/or selling one of your products.

Constantly self-promoting doesn’t come across as genuine, thus decreasing the odds for positive and constructive interaction.

2. Be constructive

Advice and support is something everyone seeks in these groups at any giving time.

Be sure to offer constructive criticism and give your honest opinion.

In Facebook Groups you will find bloggers and people from all over the world and all walks of life. So, when giving your opinion choose your words carefully and respectfully.

3. Don’t hit and run

I know we are all guilty of this sometimes, especially because of time constraints and our busy schedules.

But, don’t be the person to always drop their content and leave without returning the favor to other members of the group.

Especially, if those are the group rules in the first place.

Eventually, people will catch on to it and you might be expelled from the group.

What’s worse, your reputation will be on the line.

Believe it or not, the blogging world is a very close-knit community, so don’t get on anyone’s bad side.

4. Play nice 

We are all professional adults and there isn’t a good reason why we shouldn’t be acting like one. Remember you aren’t only representing yourself, but your business as well.

5. Follow the rules

Some groups enforce their rules more than others. Regardless, it is wise for you to abide by the terms at the risk of being booted from the group.

6. Narrow it down

There are hundreds of Facebook groups out there. However, not all might be beneficial to help your blog or business grow. It is important that you narrow it down.

Focusing on those Facebook Groups that are interactive and informative will be the most valuable and worthy of your time.

Being part of 10 or 20 Facebook Blogging groups at the same time might sound tempting in terms of networking and promoting your material.

However, it can quickly become extremely overwhelming.

Putting in place a concise and organized strategic plan of action can save you a lot of valuable time and headaches.

7. Size Matters

The amount of members in a Facebook Group for bloggers and entrepreneurs is very important.

You might think that the bigger the group the better off you’ll be; well think again.

In groups of 10,000+ members, post threads are constantly on the go, restricting post visibility.

A smaller group might give you the chance to showcase a post for a longer period of time, thus allowing a bigger reach.

8. Minimize distractions

This is a big one for me!

Don’t get caught up in your Facebook news feed and strictly focus on the task at hand.

For instance, the time it took you to look through Jessica’s photo album from her recent vacation to Jamaica or getting sucked into Joey’s latest upload of Cute Cats Video Madness, you could have probably gained 5 new Pinterest followers, received 3 more “likes” on your FB Page, and landed a new opportunity to guest post.

I know we all fall into the Social Media trap… but trust me, when you are dedicating precious time to your Facebook Groups for Blogger, FOCUS!

9. Be attentive

Sometimes, especially in larger groups, some questions go unanswered.

Be the first one to reach out and help solve a problem.

People really appreciate it when someone takes the time to help them out. Especially, when you were either the first person or better yet, the ONLY person to do so.

I have gotten a lot of subscribers and visitors to my blog just for being attentive.

10. Pay close attention!

Pay attention! Your next product idea might come from your groups!

Say whaaaaat?!

Yes, indeed my friend.

Pay close attention to what others are asking in your groups, what their challenges are, and what they will like to learn more about.

Those ideas can easily become the basis for your new product. Nothing sells more than products that solve problems and answer questions.

The same applies to creating new and engaging content.

Take notice of what those people within your niche have questions about and need help with.

Then create cornerstone content from your findings.

11. Perform a group search

This is a great strategy to use if you want to find out something in particular about a specific topic.

For instance, say that you are part of a “Yoga for Moms” Facebook Group.

Your niche is Health and Fitness for Moms and you are looking to write a post on addressing questions that many moms have about Yoga.

To get your desired results, you can either post your inquiry on the group’s main thread OR you can perform a search within that particular group.

Carefully analyze the search results and use other members’ questions and answers to formulate your post.

12. Take advantage of Promo days

Facebook Groups for bloggers are full of opportunities to promote your content and products.

Most Facebook Groups for bloggers run daily promo threads that you can use to promote and grow your blog.

I know it can become quite overwhelming to keep track of all the promo days and special threads within each of groups you are part of.

Especially, when you are part of more than 10 Facebook Groups for bloggers.

In addition to the tutorial, you will also be able to download a free Weekly Printable Planner with full instructions to help you stay on track and organized.

This strategy will significantly improve time management, productivity, and ultimately engagement and blog traffic!

13. Optimize your personal Facebook account

Once you get to interact in these Facebook Groups, people are going to eventually want to know more about you and your blog/business.

Particularly, if you have proven to be helpful and attentive.

At that point, many of your group members might click on your profile name to learn more about you.

Unfortunately, your profile picture won’t take them to Facebook’s Business Page. Instead, it will take them to your personal account.

If you don’t have any links or information in your personal Facebook account or if it’s private, those people looking to know more about you will hit a dead-end.

Therefore, it is wise to optimize your Facebook’s personal account profile by including additional information about you, your blog, and points of contact.

Such as:

  • Your title (blogger, health coach, etc.)
  • Products you sell
  • Link to your blog/website
  • Link to your store
  • Link to your Facebook Business Page
  • Links to your other social media handles

How to use Facebook Groups to Grow your Blog and Business [18 Tips and Strategies]14. Create a Facebook Business Page

Creating a Facebook Business Page is also a great practice when it comes to growing your blog and business.

A Facebook Page simply provides a designated space within your existing personal profile, exclusively for your blog/business.

Creating a Facebook Business page is free. However, you cannot create a Facebook Business page without having a personal page.

It comes with built-in analytics and insights.

Facebook insights allow you to keep track of your engagement and provide you with information about your page’s performance.

Other advantages of having a Facebook business page are your ability to pay for boosted posts and Facebook ads.

15. Create a swipe copy list of your top posts

Remember, you will be promoting your content often.

So, create a spreadsheet or swipe a copy document. Include your post links with a short description or summary of your content.

Because I use Facebook on my iPhone 90% of the time, I keep my swipe file in the Notes section of my iPhone.

That way, whenever I come across a promo thread or someone who can benefit from one of my articles, I just simply copy and paste the link.

Remember to also include a thoughtful and helpful response to go along with the link.

Having this information handy improves your time efficiency tremendously.

16. Save relevant Facebook posts

Often times I find myself scrolling through my Facebook Groups and coming across information that it is worth saving.

Here are the main 2 reasons I save a Facebook Group post:

  1. Because the content is useful to me and I can come back to it at a later time to read in more detail
  2. OR… If a group member is asking for help on a topic I am currently working on.

Saving the post allows me to come back to that particular thread and offer help by linking to my recently published post on that particular topic.

This strategy helps my fresh content get some clicks and gain momentum.

17. Use people’s names when replying to queries

This small detail might seem insignificant and straight-up common sense. But, you have no idea the number of people who skip this simple rule.

Addressing someone by their name gives a sense of personalization and attention to detail.

By using the person’s name on your reply, gives the impression to that person or (anyone reading your reply) that you have taken the time to answer and are invested in helping them solve the problem.

Creating that kind of trust within your Facebook Groups is incredibly important when building a good reputation and rapport.

18. Create your own Facebook Group

Last but not least in making the best out of Facebook Groups, is creating your own Facebook Group.

It is free and easy to create your own Facebook Group and it gives you the freedom to set your own rules and regulations.

Building your own following and audience with your own Facebook Group will help you grow your blog by increasing your reach and revenue.

However, it isn’t an overnight thing and it isn’t an easy task. Having and managing a successful Facebook Group requires a LOT of dedication and consistency.

So make sure you are prepared for that venture before you jump in.

10 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Entrepreneur 

Facebook groups for blogger

While there is a wide range of Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs to choose from, only a few might be beneficial to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

Figuring out which of these hundreds of groups might work for your best interest might become a tedious process.

For that reason, I’ve decided to narrow it down to 10 of my favorite Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs.

1. Blogging Like We Mean it

This is by far one of the best Facebook Groups I have ever been a part of.

Carly, the group administrator, and a personal friend, is magnificent. She is highly involved in the group by interacting and offering help to those who need it.

Blogging Like We Mean It it’s a genuine and friendly place where learning and growing your blog are top priority to the group members and Carly herself.

Note: This is not a promotional group. It is strictly for learning purposes.

2. Blogging Education Network

Facebook for Bloggers, Tracie Fobes

This is another favorite Facebook Bogging Group of mine. It was created by Tracie Fobes, a friend, and fellow bloggers who was been blogging and teaching others for over a decade.

There isn’t a blogging topic you won’t get assistance within this group, as the group moderators, Tracie herself, and other group members are very knowledgeable and always eager to help!

Note: This is not a promotional group. It is strictly for learning purposes.

3. Mom to Mompreneur 

 10 Facebook groups for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs (plus tips and strategies to make the most out of them)

This is a great group of hard-working, hustling mamas. If that sounds anything like you, this group is for you. Elna makes it very easy for members to engage and feel welcomed.

4. Blogging Newbs 

10 Facebook Books for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Hosted by McKinzie Bean, the Blogging Newbs Facebook group caters mostly to bloggers who are in the process of starting their own blog. With almost 20,000 members this group is a great go-to for any blogging-related questions. It is also a great group for promoting your content and social medial channels.

5. Blogging Boost

 10 Facebook groups for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs (plus tips and strategies to make the most out of them)

Specifically for bloggers, this blogging community enables you to grow your blog by encouraging engagement with other like-minded people. I love their “promo Mondays” in particular- they allow you to post your “promo” on the main feed.

6. Adventures in Blogging

Hosted by Lena Gott. As she describes it herself, “This group is for every blogger who wants to rock their business, build their brand, and learn from one another along the way”. Lena is very involved and extremely helpful.

7. Blogging with Heart

 10 Facebook groups for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs (plus tips and strategies to make the most out of them)

Blogging with heart is a place for female bloggers to support and encourage one another to grow their business. Terryn is the host, and she’s absolutely wonderful. She provides 5 daily threads a day for you to share, promote, and showcase everything from your latest blog post to your social media accounts.

8. Rock Your Blog and Biz

Rock your blog and biz

Kristen Rosetti hosts this thriving blogging community. This Facebook Blogging group is for bloggers and online business owners to build real meaningful relationships, get support and advice, and have some fun.

9. Lovely Bloggers

 10 Facebook groups for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs (plus tips and strategies to make the most out of them)

Hosted by Janett Alvarez, this Facebook Group for bloggers is a great place to share and promote your content. It is also a place for you to connect and interact with other bloggers within your niche. She implemented a weekly schedule which allows for easier and organized use.

10. Boss Mom

 10 Facebook groups for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs (plus tips and strategies to make the most out of them)

This community is hosted by Dana Malstaff, a Boss-Mom powerhouse herself. Boss Mom is the place to be for women who are currently juggling a family and business at the same time. Boss Mom is the perfect place for support, encouragement, and knowledge building. These women are fierce!


So there you have it! Ten Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs.

Overwhelmed? I know the feeling my friend.

When I first started joining Facebook groups it wasn’t long before I realized I was spending an incredible amount of time trying to juggle threads and posts.

I then implemented a 20 minute a day strategy along with a weekly Facebook Groups Weekly planner which I am thrilled to also share with you today by clicking the link below.

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In Summary

There you have it, my friend.

That is how you can harvest the the full potential of Facebook for Bloggers!

I have given you 18 little gold nuggets that you can use to your advantage next time you interact in your Facebook Groups for Bloggers or niche groups. Plus, 10 Blogging Facebook Groups you can join to help you share, learn, grow, and network.

Remember, the important thing is that you connect and network with like-minded individuals to help your blog grow. But the most important thing is that you are helpful and respectful to others and the rest will follow.

By establishing a good agenda with those you interact with will ensure that you get the most clicks to your blog and more purchases of your products.

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